Monday, March 02, 2015

Tips for Wearing Red Lipstick

It was a very lazy Sunday for me. I spent all afternoon lounging in the couch and watched TV. I did however manage to put on my makeup to go to Target =D
I don't usually wear red lipstick, but I've been quite attracted to a winged-liner and red-lip look. Here's how I get my red lipstick last longer. 

You will need:
- a tissue
-setting powder
-small blending brush

separate the tissue until you get a single ply 

put the single-ply tissue over your lips

brush the setting powder over the single-ply tissue. 
The tissue acts as a "strainer" for the fine milled powder so you don't 
get all white dust all over your beautifully polished lips. 
Do this as much as you'd like.

Blot for the final touch.

Voila! No lip stain. 
Your lips are ready!