Friday, December 30, 2016

Our Wedding in Jakarta, Indonesia

Hi Everyone! Long time no post. As you may have known, I just got married a little over a month ago, and things have been pretty hectic. I was in my hometown for quite sometime, so I was out of my usual set up. I have to say, being away for home with my family and friends have changed the way I am within the past 3 months. I value the time I have more with my parents and sister, and I also got to reconnect with old friends, which have been awesome.

Our wedding might not be exactly the way we had hoped, but God had blessed us in so many ways. The ceremony and reception went as smoothly as possible, and all thanks to our family and friends and wedding team for the fabulous cooperation! If you don't know already, an Indonesian wedding, typically in Jakarta, is usually bigger and much more complicated compared to the simple and intimate weddings in the US, which I and Ocep both love. It was a grand experience for both of us, with around 700 guests came to our reception.

My day started at around 3 AM. My makeup artist and hair dresser came to my hotel room a little bit after 3.30, and started the process right away. Then the photographer came at around 5.30 am. We hired different makeup artists for my bridesmaids, mom, sister, mom-in-law and sister-in-law. All to be more efficient and save time. We had our ceremony scheduled at 10 AM at the church where I came to know Christ. It meant a lot for me to have our ceremony there. After the ceremony, we then had the Chinese tradition, tea ceremony, or what we call tea-pay. It's where we respect our elders from both sides of the family by serving them tea and usually the elders give red envelopes or jewelries as the wedding gifts.

I'm so glad I had my two besties that kept me laughing throughout the day!

One of the traditions what we followed was the veiling of the bride by the parents. I had on my hands Yosef's corsage which later I would give to Yosef in exchange for my bouquet.