Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Trip - Los Angeles, Wedding, and more

Hi everyone!
I was only out of town for the weekend, yet it felt like I just landed on earth. I was in Los Angeles for my friend's wedding. My friends and I made a road trip out of it. There were 12 of us, and we rented 2 vans. It was a pack schedule, especially on the day of the wedding. Fitting makeups and dressing up with mirror only in the bathroom was not really ideal. It took a long time, and It was my first time really trying to do my makeup while helping my friends out with their hair and makeup also. It was chaotic yet exciting.

 I'm having two job interviews coming this week. It's been quite a journey, job hunting and all. I'm learning to be patient and surrendering during this time. I'm growing up, too. Beauty posts will be coming back soon. Now, I want to share you some photos from my trip.

Korean BBQ at Hae Jang Chon

Yummy Mie Karet Hakka at Borneo. It tastes just like home. Yum!

Cute centerpiece with candies

My boyfriend and I at the wedding sporting black and white =)

Urban Lights at LACMA. There was an Art & Gala that night. Many big celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Leonardo Dicaprio were told to be there that night. There were people who screamed names everytime someone came out.  Too bad we couldn't see any people we recognized. =(

Sushi time at my friend's restaurant, Momiji Sushi Bar & Grill at Duarte. The restaurant was just open for business less than a year ago, and this was my first time coming here. The food was really delicious. The fish was so fresh and yummy. We knew the owner who's also the chef, so we got some amazing-not-in-the-menu dish. I really recommend Momiji if you like great sushi or just crave for delicious japanese dish. Like their facebook page too! 

On the way home

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

LOTD: Smokey Silver - Smokey Eyes for Hooded Eyes

I'm so pumped that it's weekend already! I'm going to a haunted house today, and I am so scared. I've been watching how people react in haunted houses in The Ellen Show, and I think I might do worse. It's crazy to think why on earth would I scare myself like that? I don't know. I am scared, but I am curious too. Haha. I guess the curious side of me takes over. 

So for this look, it's just a very easy smokey eyes with navy blue instead of black. It might not like a blue in the picture, it's because I mixed blue with silver and blend them together to get the smudged effect on the outer corner of my eyes. This look features some to my favorite products!

~TooFaced Insurance eyeshadow primer
~NYX eyeshadow base in pearl white
 ♥ CoverGirl Quad eyeshadows in Drama eyes 
(white on the inner corner and silver/grey in the middle)
~Sigma Paris Palette (seine on the outer corner and lower lash line)
~Maybelline Master Drama eyeliner pensil
 ♥ Almay get up & grow Mascara (my go-to mascara!)
~All-Belle False Eyelashes (from April GlamBag)


Face & Lips:
 ♥ Urban Decay Naked Weightless Liquid Makeup in 4.5
 ♥ Laura Geller Balance-N-Brighten Baked Color correcting Foundation
~Rimmel Bronzer in Sunlight
 ♥ TooFaced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer (contour)
~Sigma Paris Palette - blush in Pêche (love this blush!)
 ♥ Hello Kitty Shimmering Powder (highlight)
 ♥ Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait

As you can see, I don't use any concealer to cover my blemishes. The Urban Decay Naked foundation has done the job for me. Added the Laura Geller baked foundation, you get a flawless coverage!
If only they can conceal texture too =P

                  Thank you for reading everyone! 
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

LOTD: Smokey Galaxy

Hi everyone!
I'm feeling edgy and adventurous. 
I recreated this Smokey Galaxy look by MakeupByTiffanyD. Perfect for a night out in the city. 
 This look incorporates ultra smokey eyes without using too much black and very affordable drugstore eyeshadow palette: Petal Pusher by Wet 'N Wild. You can get it at most drugstore in the U.S. for $4.99. 

Wet 'N Wild eyeshadows are not as creamy as Urban Decay or MAC, but they are insanely pigmented, and they blend easily too. They are a little prone to flaking off, but you just need to tap off the excess of the products before you apply them. 

I used a neutral shade of lipstick to keep the attention to my eyes. When you have a dark/heavy eye makeup, try to balance it out with a natural lip color and vice versa. Here, you have this rock and roll chic look with a touch of softness. Combining two opposites can often work wonders!

Sporting my "Stay Beautiful" Tank that I got on sale from Target for only $5!

Imperfection makes you unique. 
Stay beautiful!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

First rain of the season in San Jose happened last Tuesday. It finally feels like Fall. Speaking of Fall, Halloween is almost here. 
I went to Uesugi Farms Pumpkin Park today and experienced my first pumpkin patch. Well, technically, this was not my first. I accompanied my friend picking up pumpkins 3 years ago near my house, but it just doesn't count. We didn't pick out any pumpkin nor we celebrate halloween, but we love the festivity people make out of this so-called holiday. There are many types of pumpkins that I didn't even know existed. It's interesting learning new stuff while enjoying the view and taking pictures, lots of them!

Check out these little pumpkins! So cute

Mountain of pumpkins!

Thank you for reading! 

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

LOTD: Contoured Face, Demi Falsies and Elegant Updo

Headband from Forever21

Here's what happens when you delay something - you forget. I've been meaning to post this look since last week, and I kept forgetting about it and now I don't remember the complete list of products I used for this look. 

Oh well.

For the first time ever, I use a high-end foundation from Urban Decay called Naked. You can check out my review on the new foundation here. I love this foundation. It smoothes onto your skin and blends easily. I almost don't feel like wearing makeup when I use this. Great job, Urban Decay!

If you look closely, you can see there are two tones of color on my cheeks. For all makeup newbies who are reading this, I use a bronzer for contouring my cheeks and blush to perk up my face. Contouring is using a darker shade on parts you want to 'omit' such as large forehead, chubby cheeks and/or double chin. Here, I put the darker shade using TooFaced Chocolate Soleil bronzer (my go-to contour product) on the hollow of my cheeks which is just below my cheekbones. Not only does contouring can give an illusion of a slimmer face, but it also gives dimension to your face especially when you have a photoshoot where the lights can wash out your skin tone. 

For the eyes, it's just my typical go-to eyeshadow shades - bronze/copper/brown/golden-y tone. 
I can't remember what palette I used, but you can just easily recreate this look using any neutral eyeshadow palette like Urban Decay Naked Palette. 
I also use falsies to complete the look. 
Here I use elf Studio VIP Eyelash Kit which I got on sale at Target. I cut one of the falsies into two parts and turned it to demi false eyelashes. Voila!

For lips, I use my new obsession, Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in Sari Pink. It is a pretty pricey product, but I got it with a discount and gift card reward. It is nice to have coupons!! I love how unsticky and long lasting the gloss is. It is just the prettiest pink shade. 

Now it's time for the hair. I adopted this updo from CinthiaTruong on youtube. I tried to make it a little bit more casual which is perfect for everyday wear by creating a lower ponytail than she shows on the video. 

Thank you for reading! 
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