Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Brushes for Beginners | Most Used Brushes

I have way too many brushes for one girl. I don't do other people's makeup. I just have way too many. I just couldn't resist to try when I came across interesting brushes. I try to spread the love toward my brushes collection, but  I find myself reaching toward the same brushes over and over again. Half of them are from the drugstore. Quality brushes do not need to be expensive.

Sigma F84, EcoTools Large powder brush, EcoTools blush brush, 
Sigma E25, elf small stipple brush

I use different brushes for my foundation, depending on which one is clean ;), but my first pick is always the angled kabuki brush, Sigma F84. Sigma has different kinds from their kabuki collection, but I just like the angled one best because it is easier to blend those awkward areas like the side of the nose or under the eye area. I can easily pinch the brush for more targeted application. I really recommend this brush, and I think it's a great value for money.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Summer Wedding Chic | ASOS Petite Dress, YSL WOC and Steve Madden Shoes Dupe

I've always been a sucker for wedding. I love dressing up, which I don't get to do often. My friend asked me to help with her bridesmaids' hair on d-day. I was super excited for her wedding and for a chance to help out. I used the opportunity to pay attention to the wedding details, which help me to prepare for my own. The ceremony started at 11 am, yet the bridal party started to get ready from 3 am! The wedding was quite big, considering American weddings usually have less than 200 guests, my friends' had about 350 guests. I woke up at 4:45 on d-day. I guess I was as excited for the wedding. I arrived at the venue at about 6:40 and started doing the bridesmaids' hair. Time flies so fast, especially when you're having fun. 

I had about 45 minutes to get myself ready - makeup, hair and dress. I was so glad I found a perfect dress from Asos. I paired it with my one and only Saint Laurent WOC, which I have talked about on my channel. I love how versatile the bag is. It certainly my main accessories to complete the outfit.  

I found these inexpensive heels from Target! It's a dupe for Steve Madden 'slithur' sandals. The caged heels gives a little bit of edge to otherwise a very feminine look. Here I tucked in the chain, and it instantly converted the WOC to a clutch. 

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

9 to 5 Chic | Everyday Makeup for Work

I work in a corporate office setting. The industry that I am currently in, professional business attire is required and expected. Fortunately, the the firm that I currently work for is more laid back and avid supporter of business casual. We still need to dress up from Monday to Thursday, but they allow jeans for casual Fridays. 

I say this a couple of times before, that I do not wear makeup to work. I just didn't care enough to put extra effort in the morning. My morning routine usually takes about 20 minutes and it includes getting up, taking a shower, doing my hair and getting dressed. I do occasionally put on makeup when I have appointments to meet clients or when I wake up earlier than usual. Lately, I enjoy getting dolled up more because it actually makes me feel good about myself. I don't do it for other people, but I do it for myself. I think that's the key of my passion for beauty. It's for me, although it doesn't hurt when others give me compliments. ;)

blush: Milani Baked blush 'Rose D'oro'
For work, I keep my makeup simple and minimalist. I usually avoid liquid foundation because it tends to get heavy and I don't want to do that to my skin 5 days a week. I also come up with two-shadow look for more of a natural look. I stick with the same products most of the time. I guess my makeup concept for work is more to "enhance" what I already have, whereas on weekends I like to experiment with different products and looks. 

I start with primer to smooth out my face and complexion. It's more crucial to use primer when you use powder foundation so that the powder has something to 'cling' on to. I'm currently using the Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost Instant Smoother. Mine is in the old packaging because I've had it for so long! Using primer helps the makeup stay put longer. I then apply the under eye concealer next. It's important to brighten under the eye area to make you look more fresh and ready for the day to come. I'm using the Benefit eraste paste in medium - another oldie but goodie.