Sunday, May 20, 2012

Parisian Smokey Eyes, Sigma Beauty

 Hey everyone! 
 I'm still excited with the new Paris Palette by Sigma, so I tried Tiffany's tutorial. She calls this look 'Parisian Smokey Eyes'. I love the smokey burgundy effect and how the black, champagne and burgundy compliment each other. Pretty!
Watch Tiffany's tutorial on her channel, MakeupByTiffanyD

Since the eye makeup is dark, I choose a nude lip color to compliment the eyes. - Revlon Lip Butter in Creme Brule 

What do you think? Do you like this look?
Where would you wear it?

 ♥  ♥  ♥ 

Sigma Paris Palette

Hello friends! 
Sigma just recently launched limited edition Paris Palette. The palette is the product of collaboration of Sigma with 6 youtube beauty gurus. Each of them are assigned one color inspired by one place in Paris. 

What you get:
8 shades of eyeshadow
2 shades of blush
1 shade of highlighter
1 eyeshadow brush
1 contour brush (F40)

Overall, I love the pigmented shades, and how you get some neutrals and some colors. You can really get a whole lot looks with this palette. 
The perk of having different beauty gurus make a makeup palette is the tutorials, of course. 

The only downside is the price that's pretty expensive, $59 ($10 off with code TiffanyD). 
If you are new with makeup, I suggest you start with something less expensive. But if you're in love with makeup just like I am, it is a great palette to add to your makeup arsenal. 


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rimmel Glam'Eyes Quad Eyeshadow in Smokey Brun

Happy Saturday everyone!
You guys might know by now that I'm a sucker for neutral/nude eyeshadows. I looveeee Urban Decay Naked Palette, but I want to let you know that there's a more affordable dupe for that.

Rimmel Glam'Eyes Quad Eyeshadow is not only neat in packaging, but it's also good quality! They colors are nice and pigmented. They smooth on to skin so easily. 


  • Rimmel Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer - 002
  • Maybelline Fit Me Foundation - 125
  • Laura Geller Concealer Serious Coverage - Medium
  • Laura Geller Balance-'N-Brighten - Medium
  • NYC Bronzer - Sunny 2 Sunny
  • TooFaced Bronzer - Chocolate du Soleil (contour)
  • Cover Girl Cheekers - Brick Rose --> very pretty color!!!
  • Physicians Formula HappyBooster Powder - Translucent (highlight) 
  • e.l.f eyelid primer
  • Rimmel Glam'Eyes Quad Eyeshadow - Smokey Brun 
    •  put the lightest shade all over the lid up to the browbone. 
    • Then put the second darkest shade on the outer corner of the lid and bled the edges.
    • Put the third darkest shade on your crease and blend them outward
    • Put the darkest shade on on the outer corner creating a v shape for smokey effect
  • Maybelline Master Drama eyeliner - Midnight Master
  • Almay get  up & grow mascara
  • False eyelashes from Daiso 
  • NYX Slim Lip Pencil 
  • Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick - Born with it
Time to head out. 
What are your plans for the weekend? ;)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Simple Braids Hairdo

I was watching Gossip Girls, and I realized that braids are always a gorgeous hairdo. 
It can be so simple but looks fancy. Just like the one I'm showing you here.
I've got many compliments for these hairdo, so I thought I have to share the love with you guys. =)
This is very simple, yet it gives you this polished look. It's fast and easy. 

  What I do is just make two separate braids on both sides of your hair and just pinned them on the back of your head like the picture. Add a few bobby pins to secure them. 

If you want a more 'fancy' look, you can tease some hair on your crown and pin it on the back of your head before you create the braids. 

 I must say that this looks more put together with curled hair. But it works just as well with straight hair. 

Necklace by Forever 21


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

MyGlam Bag ✦ May 2012

It's time for glam bag again! Gosh, time flies so fast!
Despite its hits and misses (more misses than hits if I might add), I continue to keep my subscription. 

This month's theme is Love is in the air. I feel like it's valentine all over again. The bag is so cute. It's baby blue with pink kisses all over it, two of my favorite colors combined =)
Bethany's in on the card, and she looks so pretty as always.

What you get in this month's glam bag:

♥ Philosophy's love sweet love fragrance sample

♥ 2 MyGlam makeup brushes (eyeliner brush and concealer brush)

♥ Miss Beauty Nail Bling sticker

♥ Studio Gear Lipstick in Pink Blush 


Jibber Jabber:
♥ Graduation is exactly one month from now. Excited and anxious all at the same time. I'm excited to finally finish with school, yet I'm anxious with what will happen next. 
♥ I've finally saved up and bought Sigma brushes. Yay! Can't wait for them to arrive soon. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

LOTD: Nude Nude Natural

I went to farmers' market at Ferry Building at San Francisco on Saturday. It was a bright sunny day, a perfect day to spend outside. 
I was in the mood for makeup again after so long neglecting all makeup collection due to long hours of endless school projects, assignments, homework, and exams. 

If you can see from the pictures, I've been wearing the makeup for a good 6 hours of sunny/windy/warm/cold day. It might have worn off a little but, but no mascara/eyeliner smudge. Yay!

♥ Maybelline B.B. Cream
♥ SheerCover Concealer
♥ bareMinerals multi-tasking bisque (to top off the concealer)
♥ Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer in Nude (under-eye area)
♥ PF HappyBooster Powder - Beige
♥ theBalm Hot Mama blush
♥ theBalm Bahama Mama bronzer (this is the one that gives me that tanned look!)


♥ Urban Decay Primer Potion
♥ Naked Palette
♥ Maybelline Master Drama eyeliner - Midnight Master
♥ Almay get up & grow Mascara


♥ Makeup Forever Aqua Lipliner - 1C
♥ Wet 'n Wild Lipstick - 902C

Ciao, Bella! Gelato. Very creamy and delicious!

♥ ♥ ♥ 

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Weekend Getaway: Mendocino + Fort Bragg

It was really a tiring yet amazing weekend. I went to Mendocino and Fort Bragg with some friends. It was about 4 hours drive from where I live. We were originally planning to go to Carizzo Plain. People say it's beautiful out there during spring time. But due to lack of rain, the flowers - the California poppy - does not bloom as much as usual. So we switched gear and went to Mendocino instead for its beaches and nature beauty of course. 

Here are some places that we visited:
Avenue of the Giants

 I literally slept all the way home in the car because the trip was for some reason took all the energy out of me. Once I got home, I just brushed my teeth, washed my face and went straight to be. I didn't even have the energy to pick up the phone when my boyfriend called me. 

Bowling Ball Beach

Bowling Ball Beach - Now we know why it's called so

Point Cabrillo Light Station

Glass Beach

Drive-thru Tree

"The Giants"

VS + Forever 21 Finds

It's Saturday! Yay! It's been a really tirig week for me. I didnt get enough sleep. I'm so glad that weekend's finally here.

I went to the mall yesterday to use my Victoria's Secret Secret Angel Card. It's this gift card that VS handed out for each purchase. The gift card could be worth $10 , $50, $100 and $500,. So it's at least worth $10. Mine was, of course, worth $10.

I got this cute yoga thights and a body splash. I'm so glad I bought these thights. It's really good quality, and it fits perfectly. It really shapes your butt. Go check 'em out if you haven't!
The body splash is Pink with a Splash - Fresh & Clean. It smells refreshing. Not too sweet, not too heavy. Love it!

I also went to Forever 21 and pick up this adorable cold-shoulder top. I remember years ago I had this kind of top and I disliked it. I didn't like the idea of the cut-out sleeves. But it's now in again for the season, and somehow I find it really appealing. They make it cuter and more adorable.

Jibber Jabber:
  • I've been adding 10 minutes in my cardio routine 
  • I just had fun weekend getaway with some friends at Mendocino, CA-- Pictures soon!
  • I have been loving the blush and bronzer by the Balm