Saturday, May 30, 2015

NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette

Contour and highlighting  have been in season lately. They have always been popular, but lately the hype is on another level. Companies come up with their own contour & highlighting palettes. I use matte bronzer for contouring and a highlighter to highlight. I finally join in the wagon and tried the NYX Highlight & Contour Pro palette. Relatively cheaper than the high-end products out there for $24.50 retail price. I got mine with the $3.50 off coupon at Ulta. 

The palette comes with 4 highlight shades and 4 contour shades. Two of the highlight shades in the middle are relatively matte, The other two on the ends have shimmer but they're not at all glittery. I use the yellow tone (the third one from the left) as setting powder on highlighting concealer around the upper part of the apples of my cheeks, kinda create a little triangle. I then use the shimmery one on top of the apples of my cheeks after blush. 

Friday, May 29, 2015

#HealthyHike | Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park

The #HeathyHike is going strong. We went hiking again last Saturday to Pleasanton Ridge National Park. We hiked 6 miles for about 3 hours. The view was so beautiful!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

#HealthyHike | Pogonip, Santa Cruz

Yesterday we went for a Sunday hike in Pogonip, Santa Cruz, CA. We started the day pretty late. We had lunch nearby our place and by the time we got there it was already around 1:15 pm. I knew we wanted to go hiking, but the destination was a last-minute decision. We saw our friends photos when they went here last week, so we decided to follow them. It was a very nice day and weather, too!

It was a relax walk/hike for a total of 6 miles - 2 hours 35 minutes. Not bad for a weekend workout. Now that I'm incorporating exercise back in my life, I invite you all to start too if you haven't! Start by incorporating little workout in your daily schedule, such as 30-minute walk, 30-minute swim or whatever it is that you want to do. Try doing them for 8 times a month - which means 2 times a week. Start small. Let's do this #healthy2015 together! Let me know if you want to join the "challenge" and let's motivate each other =)

I gotta say, the makeup looked pretty good when I got home!

This used to be a tennis court. There was an abandoned clubhouse - Pogonip Clubhouse. 

We found "Crazy Love" book abandoned on a log. 
It was a great book. I've read and am inspired by it. 

Thank you for reading! 
Hope you all have a great week!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

FOTD : Makeup that Survives Windy Day

Hi everyone!
Just a quick "face of the day" from yesterday. It's been forever ago since I did this kind of post, so I wanted to start doing it again. Yesterday I went with my friends to Moss Beach in Half Moon Bay for their pre-wedding photoshoots. It was quite cold and windy.

 My makeup help up pretty well through out the day, but I did need to touch up my blush when
 I got home. Here's what I used:

  • Dior Pore Minimizer skin primer - this is the very key of my makeup holding up through out the day. I checked my T-zone several times, and it wasn't as oily as it usually was without the primer. It's still the best primer I've ever tried by far.
  • Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation
  • Urban Decay Naked flushed - I also used the highlighter all over my lids.
  • Coastal Scents 88 Original palette - I bought this palette a long time ago, but I never really used it. I used the taupe/brown shades to on my crease and to create a smokey look
  • Maybelline color sensational lipstick "warm me up" - I am rediscovering this lipstick. I sorta forgot why I liked this lipstick. This shade is really close to my natural lip color. I feel like it really is "my lips but better" color. 

 I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Friday, May 08, 2015

#HealthyHike | Lands End, San Francisco

Ok, it's spring. Tax season is over. I want to re-start my 2015 healthy goal. This time I want to really do it. I keep saying i want to exercise, but for some reason the spirit always falls short. I want to start #HealthyHike this year where I go hiking with my friends at least once a week..? Haha.. I know I set my goal too high for myself, but if I don't I would just end up not doing anything.

Last Saturday, we went hiking at Lands End in San Francsico. The view was amazing. The trail was not hard. We walked for approximately 4.72 miles. It was a pretty good workout, considering.

The ruins of Sutro Baths
Back in the late 1890s, it was the largest indoor swimming pool built by Aldolph Sutro. Sadly, with great depression and all, the pool lost its popularity. A developer bought the site in 1964 with a plan for high-rise apartment building,. The plan never went through, and the building was finally detroyed by fire in 1966. 

Muracci's Japanese Curry
It's claimed to be the best curry in the bay area. Yum!

We weren't full sharing one plate of the chicken katsu curry. Thankfully, there was Sushirrito not far from Muracci. We walked there and got ourselves one Geisha's Kiss. 

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

April Favorites 2015

It's that time of the month again! 
Nope, not that one. 
It's my April favorites time!

Featured in my videos several things I enjoyed in the month of April.
Hope you enjoy!