Sunday, March 26, 2017

Casual to Work | Stripes,Jogger, White Sneakers and Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM

THIS IS APRIL jogger (similar), NEVADA sneakers (similar on sale, similar)

Roughly 3 more weeks until tax season is over. I have to say that things have been going pretty smoothly for me despite some bumps in the administrative department at work. People keep implying how awful it must have been for me to work long hours and to work on Saturdays, but honestly I feel fine. I am surprised myself that I feel fine to come in on Saturdays. It's a weird feeling for me, but I really do feel that.

Every accounting firm is different, but we wear business casual and we have casual Fridays where we get to wear jeans to work. During tax season, at least for the last 8 weeks, we can wear more casual outfits to work. We can wear jeans everyday. It may sound lame, but for me it's awesome. I love lounge wear obviously, I always put comfort first - but not too comfortable otherwise I would have worn pyjamas to work =P. I love stripes, and I think I get that from my parents who literally wear stripes on most days.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Life is Too Short | My Very First Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag

LOUIS VUITTON Neverfull MM, OLD NAVY Everyday coat, and mid-rise rockstar jeans (similar) 

Tax season is starting to get to me, which is not bad considering it has been 6 weeks in. I've been working on weekends, so the little time I have on weekend becomes even more precious. Just about a week before my working Saturday started, we visited this nursery in search for lavender plants. We've been having some "cat problem" and by problem I mean the neighbors' cats literally just pooped everywhere on our front yard and backyard. We heard that lavender plants are supposed to help repel animals. Long story short, it didn't work but we get a nice looking lavender in front of our window now. It was a beautiful nursery with a lot of different plants.

If you follow me on my channel, you know that not too long ago I just got my very first Louis Vuitton bag. I had been wanting the iconic Neverfull bag for years. I finally pulled the trigger and bought it. I had been eyeing the bag since I was still in college, and I can finally afford it with my own money! I took the new bag out on our little shopping trip and to the nursery.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Visit to Monterey Bay Aquarium

  Topshop jacket (old), Old Navy Rockstar jeans, Nike sneakers, Old Navy crossbody bag

Two weeks before my working Saturdays start, my husband took me to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We've heard that it's the largest aquarium, and it's also the inspiration of the Marine Life Institute in Finding Dori! I am always fascinated everytime I go to aquariums. We have visited different aquariums in different cities, and nature always amazes me.

Monterey is about 1.5 hour drive from where we live, so it wasn't that bad. We even planned ahead and brought our own lunch because we just wanted to spend the whole day in the aquarium, since the entrance ticket is a bit pricey - $49.95 for one adult.

The view from inside the aquarium is just amazing. They have this giant floor-to-ceiling ocean exhibit, just like the one you see on Finding Dori. You can see a lot of different fish and non-fish animals inside, and it's just mesmerizing. I am kicking myself for not bringing my good camera, but really. I could just stand and watch the fish swim for hours, which technically what exactly we did for that Saturday. We watched the sardines swim in sync and it's just so mesmerizing.