Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Everlane Swing Trench

Hi everyone! 

*Update 9/16/14: I returned the size XS and ordered the size S. Unfortunately, the difference between the two sizes are not ideal. The size small fits too big for me, and the sleeves are too long. Although I would prefer to have the XS, I don't recommend this for petite friendly sizing. 
I decided to return them.

I posted briefly about Everlane on my LOTD for a date night post not too long ago. I ordered their basic T, and I really like the material.  Everlane is a unique online shop. They provide pictures and costs underneath each product showing how much they profit from a single product.
 I think it's really cool. 

When I saw this coat online, I really wanted to try it but they were always sold out. I finally managed to put an order for size XS. Sadly the shoulder and sleeves are too narrow for me. Regardless, I think this is a keeper if I could get my hands on the right size. 

The coat obviously resembles a basic trench, but it's the shorter version. It falls just below my waist. The color is called "sage" online, which is more like a mud green in person. I like the color for a coat. It's different than the traditional beige trench. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fighting Acne | My Go-to Products

For the past month, my skin has been in its worst condition. Growing up I was blessed with pretty good skin with occasional breakout here and there but nothing major.  My main problem was dry skin, but it had long changed. I have combination skin where my forehead tend to be the most oily hence the frequent breakouts on the area. 

Lately it has got to the point where they are painful and just plain annoying. Maybe it's hormonal or maybe it's just from the work stress I don't know. Fortunately, I have all of these items that help me minimize if not heal my breakout. They don't work in an instant, but they do help a lot. 

The one I have here is the mini sample I got, which turns out I get a lot of use of. You might be confused why I apply oil on my skin when it's breaking out. The oil helps to moisturize my skin despite the breakout. The skin needs moisture even though it's oily. Maracuja oil is surprisingly not oily nor greasy. 

The Body Shop Aloe Protective Serum
The aloe in the serum helps calm down my skin during the "rage". I remember the first time I tried it on, my skin was much better the next day when I woke up.  This is designed for sensitive skin, so it works gently. It's alcohol/fragrance/color free which I always like in a skincare product.

Sariayu Martha Tilaar acne care lotion
This is an old-school acne treatment from Indonesia. The brand has been around for a very long time, even before I was born. It contains sulfur and pegagan. The sulfur is good for drying up acne, which makes a faster healing. Pegagan is a tropical plant found mostly in Southeast Asia, which is where Indonesia is. From what I read, Pegagan is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. I use this when there's new zit is about to/coming out.

Proactiv clearing treatment
This is the second step product of the Proactiv 3-step kit. It has now rebranded as Proactiv+ and  also repackaged, so the products look different from what I have here. I got mine from Amazon, although since it has been repackaged, I don't recommend getting the old version because who knows how long they have been in storage. I tried the whole steps before, and the acne clearing treatment is what stands out the most. It really reduces if not makes acne disappear almost instantly.

The Body Shop Tea Tree face mask
This is the additional step in combating acne. Although I don't think it helps reduce acne, it does help in making the skin feel better. It claims to be suitable for blemished skin and lifts away impurities. Tea tree oil functions as acne treatment and helps as antiseptic. It instantly feels cool on the skin. and make me feel tingling sensation in a good way.

What's your acne-combating products?


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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Casual Sunday: Navy & Red

Gap gingham shirt, Loft Jeans (now on sale and extra 40% off), 
Target Lakitia sandals (more colors here), Coach Peyton Bennett mini satchel (old)

I had a pretty relaxing Sunday. This is the kind of outfit I tend to go for anytime I want to feel comfortable but not sloppy. A boyfriend shirt and skinny jeans never fail to make an outfit. I have a thing for navy, and I also have a thing for gingham. Throwing a navy gingham shirt surely made my day! This shirt is great because it has a boyfriend cut which makes for a relaxed look but also fitted which doesn't leave me shapeless. The skinny jeans also softens this tomboy look. 

To give a pop of color on the navy theme outfit, I chose my bright red Coach mini satchel. I paired along my Target sandals, @ necklace and Kate Spade bow bangle, also in navy.

What's your go-to outfit?

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Saturday, August 09, 2014

Ann Taylor and Loft Sale

Happy Saturday! Sorry for the lack of posts this week. It's been a hectic week, and I'm grateful to finally chillax on a Saturday afternoon in my couch. It is no secret that half of my wardrobe comes from Ann Taylor of Ann Taylor Loft. I shop online from both store pretty regularly, and I am a fan. I love their petite sizing because it fits better for women under 5'4" like I am.

Ann Taylor is having their Friends & Family sale for 40% off entire purchase with code FRIENDS40. I like to take advantage of this sale for their handbags because their sale don't usually include handbags and accessories. If you're interested in my Ann Taylor Gallery Tote, they now have the same styles in black and taupe and now called Signature tote. I also love their Cambridge Cropped pants. It's flattering and perfect fit for me. I wore the black one here, and I'm planning to get another one in different color. Check out other stuff I'm eyeing. 

                    Faux Leather Trench Jacket                           Trench Dress                                     Pebbled Signature Tote

                       Cambridge Cropped Pants                     Rayleigh Leather sandals                        Jamie D'Orsay Suede Heels

Loft is having 50% select full-price styles with code FIFTY, $25 off select dresses and as always. extra something % off for sale items, and this time it's 60%. Most of my favorite outfits come from Loft. I got many compliments for my playsuit which I got on sale from the store, so I want to get something similar. I know summer is almost over, but living in North California, Fall is like summer with more rain. I also like their Marisa pants which fits straighter through the hips. I fell in love with the floral maxi dress. I'd feature on an ootd soon. And shout out for the plaid shirtdress. Paired with a brown booties, it just looks so chic for fall.

                   Ankle Pants Marisa Fit                                   Clover Dot Romper                                 Skinnies with Ankle Zips 

               Plaid Shirtdress                                               Floral Maxi Dress                                    Dark Champray shirtdress

  What's your favorite store?
Please do share any favorite sale finds! 


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Sunday, August 03, 2014

Travel Essential | Skin Care Edition

Here are some of my noteworthy products for my skin care regime

Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil 
This is amazing. Every time my skin is acting up and has a lot of breakouts, I apply this at night. The next morning, my skin will feel much much better. I know it sounds weird to put oil on breakouts, but for some reason it has magic power to heal!

The Body Shop Aloe Protective Serum
Adding serum in my skin care routine helps my skin from drying. I rarely have dry patches now thanks to this awesome product!

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment
Most hydrating eye cream I've ever tried. I only use it at night because it's so creamy and thick in consistency, it's a bit heavy for day-time use.

Vaseline Lip Therapy
Very affordable little product to keep the chaps away. It's also handy for other things too like when I get a blister or cut.

Evian Mineral Water Spray
I have to admit, this is completely an unnecessary product for me. It's purely a luxury item because it's essentially water in a spray bottle. It just feels good to spray on my face and neck especially during the heat strike like when I was in St. Louis.

Caudalie Makeup Remover/Cleansing Water
It does a great job in removing my makeup, and the slightly grape scent I smell every time I open the cap is just so refreshing. It makes it even more exciting for me to apply.

Rexona Deodorant
I don't think you can find this in the US. I brought this from Indonesia, and this is literally the only deodorant I've ever used in my life. I like it that much.

I have some other items like doctor's prescribed facial sunscreen, Skin MD moisturizer that I put inside an empty small tub and heat-protector spray for my hair. That's it!

What's your skin care essentials when traveling?


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Saturday, August 02, 2014

Travel Essential | Muji Makeup Box

It seems to me it's getting harder to part with all my beauty products. Once I use them, I feel incomplete when I travel without them. My skincare items are the most important when I'm traveling. I like the idea of everything, from skincare to makeup, all in one place and not scattered around. 
Muji Makeup Box does the job for me. 

The best thing about it is it has a sturdy hard case on the outside and a lining inside, which makes it easier for cleaning. This particular style comes in different sizes, and mine is M. I think the size is perfect for me. It fits so many things. 

Muji also sells different plastic containers that act as partition which fit perfectly inside the box. It keeps things neat and not scattered around. It also makes it easier to reach for products. 
It has pockets to store brushes on the back of the cover, but I don't really use it because it makes the top part bulkier and lessen the space on the actual box when I close it. 

I use three different sizes of partition. Two have the same height and length but different depts. They fit perfectly on top of each other, so I can stack them together. I fill the deeper one with my powder products - blushes, bronzer -, some cotton pads, mini primers. The other one I mostly put my mini/short skin care products. Then on the pencil-case-shaped partition, I put all my pencil-like products - mascara, eyeliners, razor, etc. In between all of them, I just stuff in my foundation and the rest of my beauty stuff. All fit inside. 

If you're looking for something to carry all your precious on a trip with you, check this one out! It might be the one. If you're traveling light, then steer clear because this is made for a heavy duty container and not suitable when you are, let's say, backpacking unless you don't mind carrying something bulky. 

Check out also my noteworthy skin care items tomorrow! 


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Friday, August 01, 2014

When in St. Louis | The Arc


 My boyfriend told me that if you haven't been to The Arc then you haven't been to St. Louis, so he insisted on going there despite me telling him we could just see it from afar. We tried going there on our second day, but for some reason all the streets/roads were closed making a 5-minute trip turned 20-minute and more, so we decided to go to the  Missouri Botanical garden instead.

The next day, he looked up the alternative route, and we finally got there. Yay! All the open space surrounding The Arc kinda reminded me of my trip to Washington, D.C.