Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Bite Beauty Best Bite Rewind

Sephora  exclusive Bite Beauty Best Bite Rewind

Bite Beauty has one of the best lip products. The lipsticks are super pigmented and they glide like nothing else. The kit comes with four matte creme lip crayons in a tin with a mirror on it. This is a limited edition, and I expect it to be sold out once the VIB sale kicks in which is usually in the beginning of November. 

Cafe, Torte, Coulis, Aubergine

 I personally think all the colors are pretty wearable. Cafe is a peachy-brown nude shade. It's not too nude, and it's not the kind of shade that will wash out your complexion wearing it. Torte is described as brown-toned rose. I would say it's a natural shade, and slightly deeper than my natural lips shade. Coulis is raspberry red, which is more orange-y, and Aubergine is an eggplant shade, which for me more like a deeper berry.

They are all matte, but they glide on really smoothly. They don't dry my lips at all, which is amazing. You can build up the intensity, although it's practically opaque only with one layer of application.

My mom asked me to buy this book for her. The title is Happiness Is... 500 things to be happy about. It has all these random pictures. I just think they are adorable and so cute yet so true.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Beginning of Fall | Chic Casual - BR Sloan-fit Slim Pants

It's one of my favorite time in the year. Top 10 easy. When the leaves are starting to change color, and Fall just looks so pretty. The weather is starting do get cooler and cooler which is very refreshing to get away from the late summer heat. 


I don't normally wear high heels, but this day I thought why not. I feel like there was a phase where I wanted to wear heels because that's what girls my age were doing. I wanted to wear heels because they look cool and sexy. Really. But if I'm being honest to myself, I am never a high-heel girl. I'm just not. But it doesn't mean that I'm gonna stop buying heels ever. Ha! Girls will be girls. 

Loft jacket (extra 40% off!), Banana Republic Pants, Ann Taylor heels (old)

I love the sloan pants from Banana Republic. It really fits well, and it looks great under t-shirt because it has almost seamless waistline, no pocket and hidden zipper so it won't look bulky under t-shirt. It also looks very chic with shirt tucked in. I bought to sizes to try, 4 short and 6 petite. I went with 6 petite, although now it seems that I should've gone with 4 petite. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ulta 20% Off Everything Sale (10% off Prestige Brands)

I was hoping to receive 20% off code for everything including the prestige brands this year. I wonder if it's because I am no longer a platinum member. I had some issue with my account and it was recently resolved. I lost almost all the points for the past 2 years, and it kinda sucked.
I was a bit disappointed with the promo code, but since there are some of Ulta exclusive holiday items, I thought it's still worth sharing.

If you have an account with Ulta, you should have received the promo code on your email. The sale starts today through October 31st. The code can only be used once, so you need to plan ahead.

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ann Taylor Classic Trench Coat

I've tried quite different kinds of trench coat, and none really quite worked for me without any additional work done.  I know Ann Taylor has its own version of trench coat, but I missed the boat last year. I finally picked it up this year, and I am quite pleased with the measurement. 

For once, it has both regular and petite sizing. I always opt with petite sizing whenever possible because it usually has better fit for me length and width-wise. 

Sorry for the blurry picture. I accidentally erased the other pictures. The coat falls just a little bit on top of my knees which is more flattering for someone who's 5'2" like me. A few inches longer, then I would look like I'm in someone else's coat. Watch my video to see the demo and more detailed review. 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Fall Edit | Old Navy Tee Dress

I was surprised how well this Old Navy dress fits me. I didn't hope for anything when the dress came in the mail, but I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and fit of the dress. I tried on 2 sizes, one in small regular and one in medium petite because I know this kind of dress is more fitted in nature, and I don't like it to be too tight. As expected, the petite fits more flattering on me length-wise. 

The regular falls about 2 inches lower which makes a huge difference in the overall look. I like how comfortable this dress is, and how affordable it is! It's currently on sale for $15 on the website, so I highly recommend to check it out.