Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Eyelash Curler 101

Hey everyone! Do you  know that eyelash curler plays a huge role in shaping your eyelashes and not all eyelash curlers are the same?

Left: e.l.f Essential Eyelash Curler
Right: Up&Up Eyelash Curler
I used to think that an eyelash curler is just an eyelash curler. Any one would do the same thing, curl my lashes. I remember my very first eyelash curler was this cheap unbranded one I got from an accessories store in Jakarta. Every single time I tried to curl my lashes, the curler hurt my eyelids! I had tried to be very careful putting my lashes in between the curling blades and  squeezing the handles slowly, but it always hurt my lids no matter what.

Then, several years later, I picked a curler from Target. It was from its up&up brand. Still, I never thought that a curler would be different from others, so I just picked up the cheapest one I could find since my old one had just lost its grip. I tried to love the Target curler. I really did, but it's just awful. My lashes have always been facing down, and with this curler, I don't even see any different. It didn't hurt my lids as much as my first one. I realized now that eyelash curlers are different (Duh!). You just have to find the right one, and it doesn't mean it has to be expensive.

I have finally found my favorite curler, it's the $1 e.l.f Mechanical eyelash curler. Yes, it's only $1. And no, the price doesn't do any justice to what the curler can do. It really curls my lashes just like my previous two should have done. I noticed the difference between the e.l.f and the up&up is that the up&up curler doesn't have the spring to keep the blades open making it not as bouncy/elastic as the one from e.l.f. Notice the picture where the e.l.f curler's 'mouth' are open without me squeezing the handles.

One trick to give more long-lasting curl to your lashes is by giving the curler a little heat using hair dryer. Be careful not to burn your lid. Make sure that the heat is moderate enough, so it won't hurt you when you use it. The heat is supposed to hold the curl longer, just like what you do with your hair and curling iron.

Thanks for reading! What's your favorite eyelash curler? Leave a comment below and let me know =)


  1. i only recently discovered the amazing-ness of an eyelash curler & now i can't stop using it! lol it makes such a huge difference! :)

  2. It does make anhuge difference! =)