Thursday, May 17, 2012

Simple Braids Hairdo

I was watching Gossip Girls, and I realized that braids are always a gorgeous hairdo. 
It can be so simple but looks fancy. Just like the one I'm showing you here.
I've got many compliments for these hairdo, so I thought I have to share the love with you guys. =)
This is very simple, yet it gives you this polished look. It's fast and easy. 

  What I do is just make two separate braids on both sides of your hair and just pinned them on the back of your head like the picture. Add a few bobby pins to secure them. 

If you want a more 'fancy' look, you can tease some hair on your crown and pin it on the back of your head before you create the braids. 

 I must say that this looks more put together with curled hair. But it works just as well with straight hair. 

Necklace by Forever 21


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