Sunday, June 03, 2012

Mammoth Lakes - Finding the View

I went to Mammoth Lakes for memorial weekend. It's about 5-hour drive from where I live, and my spring weekend getaway turned out to be a snowy vacation. Yay! 

Mammoth Lakes and its surrounding areas were so beautiful. Really. No kidding. 

Snowing at Yosemite National Park - 2 hours away from the destination

Drastic pressure change!

Convict Lake =)

It seems sunny and bright, but the wind is cra-zeh!

I looped this lake which was about 3 miles. It took me four hours including the photo-shoots =P 

Used to be a gold mine. 
(Click here for more information)

Mono Lake - The water is 2.5x saltier and 100x more alkaline than the sea. 
You can float really easily on this lake!

June Lake

Somewhere in the middle of the way home.
I had to take this picture before any car passed by!

Look how pretty!
 God is amazing. 
He's wonderful and such a great earth-designer!

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