Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Haul! ❤ Loft - Work/Casual Attires

I hope I haven't bored you guys with my obsession of Loft (thanks to Veronica). These are the things I got over the holiday, and some you might have seen from my last blog post. Approximately 8 days until my first day of work, and I have prepared myself with professional attires. Thanks to Loft for its cute, good quality yet affordable clothes, and thanks to Veronica for introducing it to me. Also, thanks for for her sense of style. =)
I just discovered that being a 5'2" is included under petite sizing category. It is a new revelation for me to find clothes that actually fit better. If only I knew better in high school...

Forever 21 Shirt
Cotton On Denim Jacket
I'm sorry for the inconsistency of lighting. You can't really see the beet or oxblood color if I may, in the pairing, but I really like how it turns out together. I didn't get the royal blue that I featured in my last post, but now I am inclined to buy it. 

Mossimo Blazer from Target
H&M High Wasted Pencil skirt
I just love this blouse. I don't think I would wear it untucked though because of its loose fit (left). 
In the middle, I paired the blouse with the corduroy pants, and I really love the combination. I added the black scallop-cut blazer for a dressier touch.
It works great too with high-waisted skirt which is perfect for office wear. 

Bow Print Tie Neck Blouse, $18, no longer available
left:H&M High-wasted pencil skirt
right:Loft open cardigan 
This is the exact same blouse with the previous one except for the prints, and the color of course.
 It can look pretty childish with the bow prints, but with the right styling I can make it work for a casual Friday.

Kitten Print 3/4 Sleeves Cardigan, $16, no longer available
I love the material. It's soft and thick with cute prints, too. I bought these just before Christmas when my friends and I did online shopping together to gather enough items to take advantage of the free shipping. 

left:Rober Rodriguez Shell from Target
middle and right:Calvin Klein Shirt + Mossimo Blazer from Target
I am having a mixed feeling about these pants. On one hand, I love the trendy vibe its giving with the prints and all, but I'm not sure whether I like how it gets wrinkly every time I move my legs. 

That's all folks! I'll update more when I have new great finds. 

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