Friday, July 12, 2013

4th of July Getaway: Skunk Train and Botanical Garden

Happy Friday everyone! Finally I have time to post this lovely photos from my trip last week to Mendocino Area on 4th of July. My boyfriend took me to Mendocino area, which is about 3-hour drive from where we live. It was a long drive, but really it was worth it. 
We went on this 1-hour experience on Skunk Train. It usually a 4-hour round trip, but due to a landslide on one of its track, they cut the trip short, which honestly for me is enough to relax and just enjoy the ride in the nature. The fare is $20 per person. I admit it is a little bit much for a 1-hour train ride, but we paid for the experience. 

Inside the Skunk Train

An open wagon where most people just stood there enjoying the view and the very nice weather. 

The train singer who kept us entertained. Very nice guy!

Finally got someone to take a picture of both of us. The train wasn't that long, but it was packed!

From the skunk train, we drove for about 30 minutes to Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens. I gotta say, this was by far the best garden I've ever been to. It's not just a garden with flowers and everything, but you could actually walk to the ocean. I didn't expect the garden to be that huge, but it was. The walk was amazing. I love garden, and want to have my own someday in the foreseeable future. It's funny to think back now that my mom was always buying flowers to pretty up her garden and I kept telling her to stop. Now I can't wait to have my own. 

The beginning of the garden. There was entrance fee of $14 per person, but it you go in a group of 12 or more, it's $7 each. 

Behind me is a rose garden. It was not as exciting as it sounds, but I really like this entrace-gate type of thing. It reminds me of Secret Garden.

Random giant stone eggs in the middle of our walk

This place is really popular for weddings and many events. The site is just really beautiful. You have colorful flowers surrounding the area and just behind it is the ocean. 

The ocean view. The picture doesn't do it justice. It was a breathtaking view.

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