Thursday, August 01, 2013

Beauty Review: Maybelline Expert Shadow Duo in Pink Suede

Hello everyone! Sorry for my lack of posting. I had my first CPA exam last Monday, and now I am studying for my second one. I've been eyeing an eyeshadow duo from Estee Lauder in "Raisins". I saw it demonstrated on youtube, but I can't remember whose video it was. Anyway, I like the pretty duo, it has this pink and burgundy. I just think it's a great alternative for the basic brown colors which I always tend to reach for. Long story short, when I see the price tag, $32 for a duo, I just couldn't justify myself, so I didn't go for it. 

I saw this Maybelline duo at Target, and I see the color combo kinda reminds me of the "Raisins", so I got that for about $4. I tend to overlook Maybelline products because they're not my favorite. If it weren't for the good reviews, or the color combo in this case, I wouldn't usually buy Maybelline products.

The formulation is pretty good. They're not powdery or anything, but nothing really spectacular. As for the lasting power, I did use a TooFaced primer when I tried this out, but throughout the day, the color didn't look as pretty as when I first applied it in the morning. They oxidize as the day goes by, which most beauty products do, but I notice with this shadow, they do a little bit more.

 All in all, I do like the color. I like that it's not powdery and it's quite easy to blend. If you're looking for an alternative from your everyday brown, this could be it. But, will I buy another shade from the line? Probably not. For $4, I still can get the same if not better quality shadows from Wet 'N Wild.

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P.S.: I have totally been enjoying watching Tati from GlamLifeGuru on youtube. Go check her out! She's awesome!

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