Friday, September 05, 2014

Recent Discovery #4 | What's On My Hair: Tangle Teezer, Batiste, L'Oreal

I found my love on hair products lately. I have naturally fine straight hair. Although I'm grateful for my low-maintenance hair, my hair does lack of volume and it makes second or third-day hair look extra thin and lifeless. I like curling my hair for giving it tousled-wave look, but it will look so unruly by the third day. I feel like these products help me to get the hair I want and maintain it longer. 

Ok, so this one is more like a rediscovery than discovery. I have four at the moment that I use interchangeably. love Batiste for giving me freshness and keeping the oil away for my third-day hair. (It's still my number one favorite dry shampoo). It helps giving extra grip for my fine hair when I'm teasing it (which is very rarely) or  curling it. It gives volume, but I wouldn't shower my hair on dry shampoo when I seek for volume. They have white cast, so I need to be careful in rubbing the product into my hair to make sure it doesn't show against my dark hair. 

I am a firm believer that heat-protectant is crucial for keeping hair healthy while undergoing various heat styling tools. I picked this up several weeks ago, and I really like how it makes my hair extra smooth, which is not supposed to be what I'm looking for in my "finding volume" goal, but it helps keep fly-away away, especially after all the styling. 

This is the cause of all my love for hair products lately. The product is basically a sea-salt spray for creating tousled, undone, beachy waves look. I like using it right after I wash my hair. I spray on the roots of my hair and just massage it for a while, making sure I have all the product in there. Then I use my hair dryer with diffuser and just wait until my hair is 90% dry. This method really gives me volume and helps keep the volume stay for days. 

I have a confession to make. I don't really brush my hair in between washes. I feel like I could go days without hair brush. That being said, I still caved in and bought Tangle Teezer after resisting it for so long. I guess that's a beauty enthusiast's dilemma. The short bristles are great to untangle without ripping your hair down. I think it will be good to brush a fresh-curled hair to give it a more undone-wave look. If you have trouble with hair-detangling, this might be for you. If your hair is naturally detangled like mine, then you might live without this. 

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