Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Autumn Layers | "Thanksgiving Belly"

Hi everyone! 
Tomorrow's Thanksgiving. Who's excited?! I am! I so long a nice days off to just recharge. I have dinner plan with my friends and pretty much will spend the weekend at home or shopping =p. I was never crazy for black friday shopping but excited with the excitement. Does that even make sense? 

Here's an outfit idea for Thanksgiving. Since we all know Thanksgiving is a days of giving thanks and most people, including me, celebrate it with food, food and food, it's a great idea for layers. Cover up, what I call, "thanksgiving belly" with layers. lol.

I pair a basic long-sleeves tee with a oversized topper and cinch everything with a skinny belt.  The light topper is perfect to keep me warm inside the house and to hide my "thanksgiving belly" or just belly period =P. The belt makes me look like I still have a waist and not all straight from top to bottom. 

For some reason, this look reminds me of what people would wear in London. I don't know why. London fascinates me. I plan to go there sometime in the near future. I also wear this cute little socks with my loafers, and it gives a quirky adorable look which I'm really into right now. I want to get more of those kind of socks now. 

For makeup, I keep it simple with a tinted moisturizer, purple eyeliner and mascara. I'm also using Fresh Sugar Tulip, which is more like a more pigmented tinted lip balm. 

Thank you for reading. I hope you all have a very happy thanksgiving!


Tee - Gap
Topper - Forever 21
Socks - Forever 21 (similar)
Shoes - Target (similar)
bag - Coach


  1. Those socks are so cute. And what an adorable way for dressing up a "turkey belly" hahaha

    Kris |

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