Monday, January 05, 2015

The Red Coat

We did a little tour around the city on Christmas day. Almost all stores were closed for the holiday, hence the traffic was really great. We planned to do it on the day before Christmas, but my boyfriend insisted to wait until Christmas so I could wear the coat he got for me. That's right. He got me this red coat. He went to the mall all by himself, and I'm really proud. I love the coat. He really got good taste! ;)

We visited the Union Square just to get a feel of Christmas in the area. Of course the stores around were all closed, including Macy's so it wasn't as busy as usual. I got my picture with the giant Christmas tree in the center of the square with my santa hat on. A girl told she liked my outfit, and I gave all the credit to the red coat. 

We visited the "Hidden Steps" which are apparently new to the city. If I'm not mistaken the stairs were dedicated in 2013. It was so pretty with all the colors and seeing how the pieces of colorful ceramics form beautiful designs when looked from afar.  

That's officially the end of my Christmas/holiday-related post for 2014. Still can't believe how fast time flies. Let's be excited for 2015!

Thank you for reading!

The Red Coat - Larry Levine

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