Friday, May 08, 2015

#HealthyHike | Lands End, San Francisco

Ok, it's spring. Tax season is over. I want to re-start my 2015 healthy goal. This time I want to really do it. I keep saying i want to exercise, but for some reason the spirit always falls short. I want to start #HealthyHike this year where I go hiking with my friends at least once a week..? Haha.. I know I set my goal too high for myself, but if I don't I would just end up not doing anything.

Last Saturday, we went hiking at Lands End in San Francsico. The view was amazing. The trail was not hard. We walked for approximately 4.72 miles. It was a pretty good workout, considering.

The ruins of Sutro Baths
Back in the late 1890s, it was the largest indoor swimming pool built by Aldolph Sutro. Sadly, with great depression and all, the pool lost its popularity. A developer bought the site in 1964 with a plan for high-rise apartment building,. The plan never went through, and the building was finally detroyed by fire in 1966. 

Muracci's Japanese Curry
It's claimed to be the best curry in the bay area. Yum!

We weren't full sharing one plate of the chicken katsu curry. Thankfully, there was Sushirrito not far from Muracci. We walked there and got ourselves one Geisha's Kiss. 

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