Monday, July 20, 2015

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2015: Burberry Beauty Nude Glow Set

Nordstrom is having its anniversary sale right now featuring the new fall collection. The prices will go up on the first week of August. It's my second year getting sucked in to the amazing deal Nordstrom has to offer. One of the things I picked up is this beauty set by Burberry. I've heard Burberry launched its beauty products a while ago, but I haven't really heard a lot of people talking about it. So when I saw this set, I decided to try them out myself.

The set includes:
full size Fresh Glow Luminous fluid base No. 01 nude radiance (retails for $48)
full size Lipstick in No. 05 nude pink (retails for $33)
full size Bold lash mascara No. 01 ebony (retails for $29)
sample size My Burberry perfume
Burberry beauty bag

I would say for $78, it is a very good value. You get all full size products (not counting the perfume sample) and a beautiful beauty bag, which I really adore. It looks fancy and and feels really good quality-wise. After learning more about the beauty line, I find that Burberry goes for a more natural flawless, as we can see on their fashion show looks. It's all about "your skin but better" look. 

At first, I thought I was getting a foundation in the set. Rather, it was a luminous fluid base, which sounds exactly like it's called, a luminous base. It feels really smooth. I watch the youtube video on Burberry channel on how to apply it. You can mix it with foundation or apply under foundation or as highlighter on the high points of the face.  It has subtle shimmer which gives pretty glow. It's a nice product and all, but after I tried it out myself, I wouldn't spend the full price for it. I love applying highligter, and I would like it to be more other than subtle. The drugstore has comparable products like the Revlon Photoready skin lights and L'Oreal Lumi liquid illuminator. Those two have a lot more highlight than the Burberry. 

The lipstick has this classy Burberry's signature checks embossed on the product. The shade is very natural. Again, it's the kind of shade that is "your lips but better" shade. The packaging has magnetic closure which makes sure the cap won't go anywhere inside your purse. It's also satisfying when I close the lipstick. So fancy!

As for the mascara, it's not a wet mascara, which is suitable for my lashes. It has a traditional brush which really good for really getting the products on the lashes. It doesn't really give a lot of volume, but it does a pretty good job of going a whole night without transferring. Other than that, I don't see any reason to repurchase and pay the full price. 

Overall, they are nice products, but I don't see find things special enough from them other than their superb packaging and fancy feeling they give. 

Have you tried the Burberry makeup? What do you think?

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