Friday, August 07, 2015

My Workout Story

Hi everyone! I started this #healthy2015 earlier this year. I remember during tax season this year, I worked late hours, yet I felt I still had the energy from working out. I went Zumba and sometimes just ran on the treadmill. I  felt energized and good about that. Ever since then, I was committed to make a change of my lifestyle. I loveeeee doing nothing. Believe me. I love being a couch potato watching Youtube videos on my laptop.

I started going hiking as much as I could. I wanted to go hiking every weekend, but later on it wasn't doable since most of the events I have always held on a Saturday or Sunday. I started going to the gym again and pushed myself to keep going. It takes persistence and patience to be able to see results. I'm not saying I get all of that covered. I start seeing results. I feel my body is slimmer, and I feel stronger. Nevertheless, I still get lazy and can't help it but skipping my workout days.

Workout Routine
One thing I forgot to mention on my video is my workout routine. I don't like using the machine. I feel I'm not motivated enough to workout by myself. I find group class is very helpful. I feed on other people's energy in the class. Moreover, the class is already designed by professional so I don't need to design my own workout routine. I realize I still need to do more if I want to see more results, so I am slowly increasing my routine.
I go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week. I do 3 cardio and 3 weight-lifting classes. I do alternate. Sometimes I feel so tired and not in the mood, so I skip a class or two. I try to make up on the next day. I go to Les Mills classes: Body Attack and Body Pump, and also Turbo Kick class, which is not under Les Mills.

When I Feel Lazy
When I feel lazy, which I have to admit, almost every time, I make myself go anyway. It is still a constant struggle for me. Don't get me wrong. I love doing what I'm doing when I'm in the class. It's just getting to the classes that are always challenging for me. I guess I am just a couch potato at heart. What I can tell you is when you feel lazy, just go in anyway. You'll feel great you did afterwards.

I'm really passionate about making a healthy change. I hope this is helpful for you. Thank you for reading/watching guys! I appreciate your support. =) If you have any tips or questions or anything, just leave me a comment or you know where to reach me.



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