Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Brushes for Beginners | Most Used Brushes

I have way too many brushes for one girl. I don't do other people's makeup. I just have way too many. I just couldn't resist to try when I came across interesting brushes. I try to spread the love toward my brushes collection, but  I find myself reaching toward the same brushes over and over again. Half of them are from the drugstore. Quality brushes do not need to be expensive.

Sigma F84, EcoTools Large powder brush, EcoTools blush brush, 
Sigma E25, elf small stipple brush

I use different brushes for my foundation, depending on which one is clean ;), but my first pick is always the angled kabuki brush, Sigma F84. Sigma has different kinds from their kabuki collection, but I just like the angled one best because it is easier to blend those awkward areas like the side of the nose or under the eye area. I can easily pinch the brush for more targeted application. I really recommend this brush, and I think it's a great value for money.

EcoTools brushes are the softest when they are brand new. Over time, the bristles do expand and they won't come back to their original for. Regardless, I love my large powder brush and blush brush. I just think they are really comfortable to use. They are affordable, and most importantly, they don't shed. I find even some of Sigma brushes shed, so shedding is not only 'cheap' brush problem. I especially love the blush brush. I love the shape of it, and it beats any other blush brush I own, even the more expensive one. Even though they change in shape and softness after several wash, I don't find them to be scratchy at all.

For eyes, Sigma E25 is pretty much the only brush I use for applying shadow on the lid, crease and even for blending. If I could only use one brush for my eyes, it's definitely the E25. I realized that what makes it so functional is the shape of the brush. It's fluffy, which great for blending, but it's also tapered at the same time, which is great for the crease. I managed to find the dupe, which is Coastal Scents pro blending fluff. It does exactly what E25 does. I use them interchangeably, and I don't see any different in result.

elf Small stipple brush is very versatile. It's great to use with cream products, but it also works great to apply highlighter, liquid of powder. Its small size helps to apply product on the targeted area. It's fine/less dense bristle makes sure I don't put chunks of glitter on my cheeks. I thought of recommending the Sigma F25, which is the brush I use for highlighters, but it sheds like crazy. So I don't think I would recommend it to anyone even though its shape is perfect to apply highlighter or to set under-the-eye concealer. If you have any dupe for that, please let me know!

What are you favorite makeup brushes? Do share!

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  1. There are too many brands. Some are very expensive, the best purchase depends in part on the budget. I use Rinston and Lou Cornell paint brushes.