Tuesday, August 30, 2016

How to Paint a Room | My First Experience

If you follow me on Instagram, you might already know that we decided to paint some of the rooms at our new place ourselves. I documented the process through Instagram stories. The first room's up is my space/office. I had been conflicted between painting the wall white or grey-ish shade, and I finally decided to go with a shade called 'Bay Waves' from Valspar. It was a last minute decision. I really wanted to paint my room last Saturday, so we went to Lowe's to get the paint. I literally just grabbed one of the brochure with paint samples picked one. For the painting equipment, I went with the good Amazon reviews and bought this kit. We have no complain about the kit nor the paint itself.

I watched many YT videos before d-day. I wanted to make sure that being first-time painters, we were at least prepared with what we'd put ourselves into. I didn't realize that paint nowadays are so much better quality. The paint I chose no longer blends quite easily and it doesn't have that overwhelming odor. We went with the eggshell finish because I thought for filming it would reduce the glare from the light. The sun is always up and coming from my window, which I'm not complaining. 

The process itself took quite a toll on us. Although it wasn't as hard as we thought it was longer that we expected. Our first mistake was to want to make everything even and perfect on the first coat. We also didn't know once the paint dries, the unevenness we see when it's wet is no longer visible. We spent a lot of time touching up here and there, which we should've waited for the first coat to dry and gone with the second coat. It took us nearly 6 hours total. We did have lunch in between. I have to say that the feeling when I pulled out those painters tape and saw the result for the first time is so satisfying. There was a few mishaps a long the way. As you can see below, I didn't cover the stop contact properly. The safer option is to remove the frame when you paint. be we thought it was just too much work. The ones that Ocep covered turned out perfect. I guess I still need some practice to do! All in all, it was a goo experience. We still have two more bedrooms to paint, but at least we now know the jeez of it. =)

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