Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The One with Suprise Pre-Wedding Party

Despite of our decision to have our wedding in Indonesia, there was a gap in my heart knowing that I didn't get to celebrate with my loved ones here in the US and to not have a garden-theme wedding like I had always wanted (outdoor wedding is tricky during September to December when it's rainy season in Indonesia). On the back of my mind, I thought of throwing a little party for ourselves with our close friends, making it simple and intimate. Yet, with Ocep's new job, our new home, and the wedding prep in Indo, the thought was shoved right where it started, on the back of my mind.

One day, one of my dear friend, Cecyl, texted me asking me and Ocep to go to dinner with here this past Saturday. She said the location was a surprise, and it was to send me off to Indonesia since I am going to go back to Indo real soon. She didn't tell us anything else other than to dress up for it was a fancy dinner.

Saturday came, and we got ready in time when Cecyl said she would pick us up. I had Ocep to put on a black bow tie to match his black suit, making it real fancy. I decided to go with my favorite floral dress that I wore to a wedding not too long ago. You may have seen it from this post. When Cecyl arrived, and as we were going out of our door, she told us that our other friends, Fenny and Marlene, wanted to join us  at the last minute so we had pick them up also. When we got to their place, Cecyl told us to stay in the car since she was just going to knock at their door and let them know that we were there. She then came back to the car telling us to wait inside since they were still getting ready. I kinda knew where the dinner was going to be at that point =).

The Surprise
I rang the door bell, Ocep was behind me. The door was opened, and all of our close friends were there shouting, "SURPRISE!" The night just got better and better from then on. I was smiling all night until my jaw hurt. They turned Fenny & Marlene's backyard to a fancy garden party, complete with the pretty lights and center pieces. There was even a two-layer Indonesian cheesecake as the wedding cake made by our dearest friend.

The decor was breathtaking. It was everything I had hoped and more. One of my friend is so talented when it comes to decorating. She transformed the backyard to a romantic garden theme wedding, complete with all the pretty lights and center pieces.

I feel extremely blessed and loved to have my friends came together and surprised us. I really appreciate every single effort and thought that they had put into the party. Ocep and I had been really busy with our wedding preparation, new house and my immigration stuff. We wanted to throw a smaller get-together with our friends in US, but we didn't manage to find the time and resources to do it. So imagine my happiness when my friends did all the work for us. I am beyond words. I'll let the pictures do the talking now. =)

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