Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Sunny Afternoon | Stripes and Flare

LOFT TOP size SP , LOFT JEANS (similar), HALOGEN SHOES (old)

I am currently infected by the off-shoulder/bell-sleeves trend as you can see with the last couple of my post. I remember few years ago when I started my blog, my then boyfriend (and my now-husband) was really struggling in taking my pictures. It seems we have come along way. He now is the one who picks the spot for my pictures and even initiates the photo shoots. My photo shoots are mostly impromptu, but I still enjoy them nonetheless.

The summer has been pretty sunny and bright, and I sure will miss it once it's gone, which is flying so fast. I am enjoying a couple of weeks off as I am moving to a new firm. It is exciting and frightening at the same time, but I just hope for the best. 

I am keeping up with my upload schedule on my channel. I post a new video every Friday, and I am now trying to amp it up by posting every Tuesday, or at least every other Tuesday. Gathering ideas and shooting the videos can be challenging at times, but it's been fun!

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