Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Braids and Bronze

Hello everyone!!
Braids are very much in season, and I'm so happy to finally get to have my hair long enough so that I could do this mermaid tail braids.

It's much simpler than it looks. Just like regular braids, you
1. Divide your three into 3 sections. But instead of 3 equal sections, you divide your hair to 2 big chunks on the one side and middle and 1 small chunk on the other side
2. Start crossing the small chunk to the middle then combine it with the big chunk on the other side.
3. Take another small side from ther side and cross it again into the middle. Keep doing that until you're out of hair to braid.

I know it's too wordy for an instruction. You can always watch Brittany's video =)

For the eyes, I used the original Naked palette .
1. Put smog all over your lids
2. Then with a fluffy brush, apply darkhorse on your crease
3. Virgin for the tear duct area and under the brow
4. Creep for the outer corner to give the look more dimension
5. Skipped the eyeliner and went straight to Tarte Light, Camera and Lashes Mascara

♥ ♥ ♥ 

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