Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cake Face? No no!

The weather has been so crazy lately. One day it rains cats and dogs, the next day it's bright and hot. Such extreme changes can bring damage to our skin. Really, when it comes to skin care, it's never too early to do it. Whether you're a man or woman, girl or boy, it's never too early to take care of your pretty skin. But unfortunately, it can be too late. So start now!


Here are my tips to avoid cake face (cakey foundation):
1. Spend time to exfoliate your face. It gets rid of the dead skin cell and makes your skin feels smoother
2. Do apply moisturizer every time after you wash your face. Facial cleansers and soaps tend to make skin dry.
3. Use a primer. Not only it preps and smoothes your skin, it also makes your foundation/makeup stays longer
4. Don't overuse foundation, especially during hot weather like this. Too much foundation is just not a look you want to try on. Tips: Try applying your foundation with a damp  sponge. It gives lighter application and airbrush finish without too much work!
5. Voila. No cake face no more =)

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Jibber Jabber:
♥ I finally learned how to change a tire after an unfortunate flat-tire incident last week
♥ I finally went to a Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco! (Photos coming up)
♥ I'm going to Carizzo Plains next week. Stay tune! (see here)
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