Tuesday, October 16, 2012

LOTD: Smokey Galaxy

Hi everyone!
I'm feeling edgy and adventurous. 
I recreated this Smokey Galaxy look by MakeupByTiffanyD. Perfect for a night out in the city. 
 This look incorporates ultra smokey eyes without using too much black and very affordable drugstore eyeshadow palette: Petal Pusher by Wet 'N Wild. You can get it at most drugstore in the U.S. for $4.99. 

Wet 'N Wild eyeshadows are not as creamy as Urban Decay or MAC, but they are insanely pigmented, and they blend easily too. They are a little prone to flaking off, but you just need to tap off the excess of the products before you apply them. 

I used a neutral shade of lipstick to keep the attention to my eyes. When you have a dark/heavy eye makeup, try to balance it out with a natural lip color and vice versa. Here, you have this rock and roll chic look with a touch of softness. Combining two opposites can often work wonders!

Sporting my "Stay Beautiful" Tank that I got on sale from Target for only $5!

Imperfection makes you unique. 
Stay beautiful!

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