Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Trip - Los Angeles, Wedding, and more

Hi everyone!
I was only out of town for the weekend, yet it felt like I just landed on earth. I was in Los Angeles for my friend's wedding. My friends and I made a road trip out of it. There were 12 of us, and we rented 2 vans. It was a pack schedule, especially on the day of the wedding. Fitting makeups and dressing up with mirror only in the bathroom was not really ideal. It took a long time, and It was my first time really trying to do my makeup while helping my friends out with their hair and makeup also. It was chaotic yet exciting.

 I'm having two job interviews coming this week. It's been quite a journey, job hunting and all. I'm learning to be patient and surrendering during this time. I'm growing up, too. Beauty posts will be coming back soon. Now, I want to share you some photos from my trip.

Korean BBQ at Hae Jang Chon

Yummy Mie Karet Hakka at Borneo. It tastes just like home. Yum!

Cute centerpiece with candies

My boyfriend and I at the wedding sporting black and white =)

Urban Lights at LACMA. There was an Art & Gala that night. Many big celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Leonardo Dicaprio were told to be there that night. There were people who screamed names everytime someone came out.  Too bad we couldn't see any people we recognized. =(

Sushi time at my friend's restaurant, Momiji Sushi Bar & Grill at Duarte. The restaurant was just open for business less than a year ago, and this was my first time coming here. The food was really delicious. The fish was so fresh and yummy. We knew the owner who's also the chef, so we got some amazing-not-in-the-menu dish. I really recommend Momiji if you like great sushi or just crave for delicious japanese dish. Like their facebook page too! 

On the way home

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