Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Eatinerary: San Francisco - Saturday, April 27, 2013

I went to the city on Saturday to celebrate my friend's birthday. We didn't really have anything particular planned for the birthday girl, but we did spend the whole afternoon and night with her. It turned out to be a great night excluding the typical windy and foggy San Franciscan weather.

We carpooled with our friends because Ocep was really tired driving to SF almost every week now. We went at around 3 o'clock and met the rest of our group at park. Except for the gruesome wind that just blew my hair in complete disaster, I was really amazed to see the city in 360. Some of us couldn't really handle the cold and decided to head back down first. I took my time and just enjoyed the view from up there.

After the windy fest, we decided to grab a what-turned-out-be-a-not-so-quick-bite at  a little place called Kingdom of Dumpling. When I said little, it was literally a small place. There were 11 of us, and we basically filled the whole room. It was a really tiny house converted to a place to eat I guess. The owner was really energetic and chatty. He basically made all of our orders without even asking.

Shanghai Soup Dumplings
I really liked their pork dumplings with corn, but I forgot to take pictures. It was a great new food experience. We usually only go to King of Thai, which is just a few steps away from the Kingdom of Dumpling. After full with savory of dimsum goodness, we walked a few feet to our favorite ice cream place, Marco Polo. It self-proclaims as Italian ice cream place, but really is an asian ice cream place with unique ice cream flavors. They sell durian ice cream which is my favorite. Many of you might find durian gross. It's even called stinky fruit sometimes. I can never understand why because I've always liked the smell of Durian, and it's really one of the best-tasting fruits out there.

From Marco Polo, we continued our little adventure to another comfort place, Japantown. It was windy and cold, so we wanted to go somewhere indoor and couldn't think of anything else other than Japantown. I really need recommendation of good hangout place in San Francisco! We got to Japantown, and we literally just wandered around the almost-closed mall. It was around 10 pm already. We usually go to Sophie's Crepes for dessert, but considering we were just from Marco Polo, I refused the temptation of my favorite Japanese Green Tea crepe.

It seemed like we were really in our happy place, we decided to continue on the fun to another hangout place in San Mateo, Dessert Republic. None of us had ever been there before. I was in San Mateo a couple of weeks ago and saw this place crowded and made a note to visit it someday. And this was someday. I surprisingly felt hungry again. I don't normally eat after 8 pm, but somehow all the laughter brought the energy out of me. My boyfriend and I ordered a calamary garlic noodle. It was really yummy.

The party had to end sometime, and for us it was around 11.30-ish. Some say this is what's called "old people's party", but I say this is responsible people's party. lol.

Thanks for the awesome night out!

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