Friday, May 03, 2013

Beauty Review: Lancome Hypnose Mascara

I recently came across this mascara when I was going over my sample piles. I don't even remember when I got it. It must've came with my online order from Sephora a while back. I know that Michelle Phan said that she loves this mascara. So as a fellow asian girl with typical asian lashes, I was intrigued to try this out. To be honest, I have found mascara that is just perfect for my lashes from the drugstore.
Closer look on the brush and wet formula

I tried this out this morning when I was getting ready with my makeup and all. One thing that I noticed instantly as soon as I applied the mascara was that it was wet. I really don't like wet mascara since my lashes are naturally wimpy. They can't afford to lift up such a weight as wet formula. I applied two coats on my left eyes, and the product took longer to dry. I looked closely and I noticed how my lashes faced downward even after I curled them as if they were lifting something heavy, which I guess they were.

Managed to sneak in an extra minute to do a comparison, I applied one of my mascaras that work well for my lashes, Tarte Amazonian clay mascara, on my other eye. The result was so much different. My lashes got thicker without the appearance of being heavy. They curled upward and stayed that way after 2-3 coats.

Wetness aside, this mascara does a good job in giving thicker-looking lashes, but it clumps and flakes. The Tarte one also clumps, but it does so only on the brush. I can easily brush the clumps away when I apply it on my lashes. My friend even pointed that out to me when we were standing close to each other. When someone comes up to you and says that there's a goop of mascara at the end of your lashes, it only mean one thing. Toss the product away!

In conclusion, this mascara gives thickness, but not volume. The thickness comes from the wet formulation, and might not suitable if your lashes are the same time as mine are. If you have naturally long and upwardly curled lashes, you might enjoy this.

Quick recommendation for the best mascara I have ever tried: Almay get up & grow. I love this product, and my friends even thought I was wearing falsies when I used this.

Hope you find this post helpful. 
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