Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Beauty Review: Revlon Lipbutter

Hi people! It's the middle of the week. Hope you all are having a good week so far. If not, weekend is just around the corner. Hang in there!

I was just cleaning my makeup area, and I just realized how I really love my lipbutter collection. I know this product has been received a lot of raves all over the internet. Revlon just recently launched new shades to the collection, and I already bought two of them. 

berry smootie, creme brule, peach parfait, wild watermelon, juicy papaya

Revlon Lipbutters are by far my favorite lip products ever. They have gazillion of shades which means that they have colors for every single skin tone. They perform more like a lipstick with the pigmentation but act more like a lipbalm with the moisture it provides. In short, if a lipstick and a lipbalm have a baby, it's lipbutter.
Every shade has different finish. Some have glitter and sparkle finish and some have satin finish. But none of them have matte finish, which I personally don't prefer since I have dry lips.

These are my favorites in my collection:

Berry Smoothie

Creme Brule

Peach Parfait

Juicy Papaya


Wild Watermelon

Have you tried one? How do you like it?


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