Sunday, June 23, 2013

Beauty Review: My ZPalette & Depot How-To

About a week ago I finally placed my very first order of Zpalette on I looked at my makeup collection, and realized how small palettes have been accumulated to piles and piles that take quite some space. My experience purchasing from is really great. I am pleased of how fast they shipped my order and how fast I received the palette. I ordered on a Thursday and received it on the following Monday.

I chose this limited-edition cherry blossom large palette I love how the palette looks like, but to be honest, none of the design on the website really looks elegant nor expensive. So if you're looking for expensive-looking palette, this is not it. But if you're looking for a fun design and useful palette, Zpalette might be right for you.

The palette comes with 20 magnetic stickers that you can put on your makeup product pans and they will stick to the palette like no other. I would assume the palette would've been more practical if it had a built-in magnetic base so we don't have to put sticker to attach the product into the palette. Regardless, it's a smart idea and really saves a lot of space and time. I no longer have to dig through my stuff to get the product I want. And with everything laid out on you in a single palette, you are more likely to use them and not forget about them.

The palette doesn't come with separator which allows for flexibility. You're not limited to put only round-panned product like MAC eyeshadows. You can depot almost everything.

Here's how I depotted mine:

Despite what I did in the picture, I find the best way to depot is using a candle. That way, you don't make a mess on your flat iron like I did. If you prefer to use a flat iron, do it mess-free by placing a wax paper or any regular paper in between the straightener surface and the back of the plastic palette (I learned the hard way, and didn't use paper in the picture). This way, the residue of the melted plastic won't be stuck on the straightener.

Here's what's mine look like now

Hope you enjoy this post. Have a great week people!

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