Sunday, June 02, 2013

May Favorites

Hi everyone! May is finally over. I know I'm about two days too late, but it's better late than never for May Favorites! 
This is my very first monthly favorites post, so hope you enjoy reading this!

In the makeup department, I don't really have a lot. I didn't buy any new makeup products to try. This month I had given my skin a breather from all the beauty products. I really think it's nice to take a break and let your skin be once in a while.  

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation - 202 Nude
Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer - 002
These products are old favorites of mine. I like these, but I just sort of forgot about them until a friend asked me to do her makeup for a photoshoot. I swatched all my foundation and found this one to be a match for her skin tone. The foundation itself already has a great lasting power, but on top of the primer, the makeup doesn't budge! She told me how impressed she was how the makeup managed to stay all day and night. 

I never really go for a a primer on day-to-day basis, but when I do, I totally believe this Rimmel Fix & Perfect is a great one to use. You don't have to pay a lot of money for a good primer. This gives you smooth and clear canvas of your skin. Really great product!

Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzer - Reserve your cabana
Don't be fooled by the name. It says bronzer, but it definitely is not. This shade of 'bronzer' from Wet n Wild actually acts more as a highlight than a bronzer. For a really affordable price, you get a humongous amount of product and pretty highlight without the look of a disco ball. It has a light reflective finish without crazy shimmer. 

Wet n Wild Trio - Walking on Eggshells
I have been using this trio for my go-to look for quite a while now. I really love how the pinkish champagne color has the satin finish with a bit of shimmer which makes your eyes look really pretty everytime they catch the light. I use the bronze color to contour the crease. 
Wet n Wild shadows are known for their high pigmentation and creamy texture. This is really a great quality product with affordable price. Nothing can beat that!

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner - Trooper
This is literally the only eyeliner I have been using for the last couple of months. The staying power is awesome and it doesn't smudge on me. I've posted my review on this baby before if you want to learn more. 

Anna Sui Lip Rogue V -361
You might recognize this from my last post. Awesome lipstick and shade. Thanks mom!

Shu Uemura - Karl for Shu eyelash curler
Shu Uemura's eyelash curler is really popular. I didn't think it was worth it to spend a little more just on an eyelash curler until I use this. It really gives my lashes nice upward curl. It's really awesome. 

I knew this product from watching MakeupbyTiffanyD's skin care routine video. This product is really great in moisturizing my skin without feeling heavy. The consistency is so light that'd make you wonder if it does anything. Trust me it does. I use it mainly on my face, and it hasn't had any dry patches ever since regardless of frequent drastic weather change. 

Two of my favorite scents from Bath and Body Works. Cherry blossom is old favorite of mine. First Bloom is from the new line they launched this Spring, Fresh Picked. It smells amazing. I almost want to get everything in the scent. But I didn't. Only the hand cream and the hand sanitizer. And the shower gel. =p 

Daisy Eau so Fresh by Marc Jacobs
Last but not least, I really love love this perfume. The scent is really unique and nothing like any perfume out there. You can totally recognize this perfume. The floral scent is perfect for a fresh and sweet Summer days. 

Favorite TV Shows for this month are Grey's Anatomy. I watched Grey's Anatomy in the past up to season 4, and just started watching it again, and I'm totally addicted. I still remember the time I was inspired to become a doctor, but I guess blood and corpses are still too much for me. 

Shoutout for Orphan Black. A new TV show on BBC America that premiered last March. It's sci-fi series about several identical women who turns out to be clones! If you like dark/sci-fi/mystery type of drama, then you might enjoy this as much as I do. The main star, Tatiana Maslany is brilliant! She can portray different characters and all have their own unique identity. Bravo.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!

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