Saturday, August 02, 2014

Travel Essential | Muji Makeup Box

It seems to me it's getting harder to part with all my beauty products. Once I use them, I feel incomplete when I travel without them. My skincare items are the most important when I'm traveling. I like the idea of everything, from skincare to makeup, all in one place and not scattered around. 
Muji Makeup Box does the job for me. 

The best thing about it is it has a sturdy hard case on the outside and a lining inside, which makes it easier for cleaning. This particular style comes in different sizes, and mine is M. I think the size is perfect for me. It fits so many things. 

Muji also sells different plastic containers that act as partition which fit perfectly inside the box. It keeps things neat and not scattered around. It also makes it easier to reach for products. 
It has pockets to store brushes on the back of the cover, but I don't really use it because it makes the top part bulkier and lessen the space on the actual box when I close it. 

I use three different sizes of partition. Two have the same height and length but different depts. They fit perfectly on top of each other, so I can stack them together. I fill the deeper one with my powder products - blushes, bronzer -, some cotton pads, mini primers. The other one I mostly put my mini/short skin care products. Then on the pencil-case-shaped partition, I put all my pencil-like products - mascara, eyeliners, razor, etc. In between all of them, I just stuff in my foundation and the rest of my beauty stuff. All fit inside. 

If you're looking for something to carry all your precious on a trip with you, check this one out! It might be the one. If you're traveling light, then steer clear because this is made for a heavy duty container and not suitable when you are, let's say, backpacking unless you don't mind carrying something bulky. 

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