Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fighting Acne | My Go-to Products

For the past month, my skin has been in its worst condition. Growing up I was blessed with pretty good skin with occasional breakout here and there but nothing major.  My main problem was dry skin, but it had long changed. I have combination skin where my forehead tend to be the most oily hence the frequent breakouts on the area. 

Lately it has got to the point where they are painful and just plain annoying. Maybe it's hormonal or maybe it's just from the work stress I don't know. Fortunately, I have all of these items that help me minimize if not heal my breakout. They don't work in an instant, but they do help a lot. 

The one I have here is the mini sample I got, which turns out I get a lot of use of. You might be confused why I apply oil on my skin when it's breaking out. The oil helps to moisturize my skin despite the breakout. The skin needs moisture even though it's oily. Maracuja oil is surprisingly not oily nor greasy. 

The Body Shop Aloe Protective Serum
The aloe in the serum helps calm down my skin during the "rage". I remember the first time I tried it on, my skin was much better the next day when I woke up.  This is designed for sensitive skin, so it works gently. It's alcohol/fragrance/color free which I always like in a skincare product.

Sariayu Martha Tilaar acne care lotion
This is an old-school acne treatment from Indonesia. The brand has been around for a very long time, even before I was born. It contains sulfur and pegagan. The sulfur is good for drying up acne, which makes a faster healing. Pegagan is a tropical plant found mostly in Southeast Asia, which is where Indonesia is. From what I read, Pegagan is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. I use this when there's new zit is about to/coming out.

Proactiv clearing treatment
This is the second step product of the Proactiv 3-step kit. It has now rebranded as Proactiv+ and  also repackaged, so the products look different from what I have here. I got mine from Amazon, although since it has been repackaged, I don't recommend getting the old version because who knows how long they have been in storage. I tried the whole steps before, and the acne clearing treatment is what stands out the most. It really reduces if not makes acne disappear almost instantly.

The Body Shop Tea Tree face mask
This is the additional step in combating acne. Although I don't think it helps reduce acne, it does help in making the skin feel better. It claims to be suitable for blemished skin and lifts away impurities. Tea tree oil functions as acne treatment and helps as antiseptic. It instantly feels cool on the skin. and make me feel tingling sensation in a good way.

What's your acne-combating products?


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  1. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil mask looks lovely. I'll have to check that one out. When my skin gets really bad, I make a mask of 1 part moisturizer and 1 part 10% benzoyl peroxide. Usually helps clear the breakout up a little quicker.

    1. That sounds like a good idea! I've never tried mixing my moisturizer like that. Will try it out!