Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My Daily Boost of Beauty/ Morning Skincare Routine

I don't normally wear makeup everyday because I am just too lazy. I prefer to take my time when I do my makeup otherwise I will just not be happy with the result. On the other hand, I feel like I don't have that time to spend doing my makeup. Nonetheless, there are some beauty product I religiously use every single day. They are my daily boost of beauty.

Lately, I have been spraying a little of Caudalie Beauty Elixir before applying my moisturizer. The first time I used it, I didn't like the tingling sensation it gives. But now, I feel it helps give spritz of freshness, and I really like it. I ran out of my day moisturizer, and I decided to give Simple Replenishing rich moisturizer a try. I had never tried anything from Simple before, but I've hear good things about their products. Its consistency is thicker than my previous day moisturizer, .... It feels nice on the skin, and I really believe it helps with dry patches and redness.

I really believe in sunscreen. It's the most important thing to protect your skin from the sun. I still use sunscreen from my dermatologist back in Indonesia. It's really important to use sunscreen even if you are inside your office the whole day like me. The sun can still go through your car windows when you're driving. It gives your skin extra layer of protection that it can't never have too much of. 
For my lips, I've been using MAC tendertone. I like using it for daytime because it has SPF 15 and protects the lips.  I have been using Jergens Ultra Healing lotion even before I moved to America. My mom was the one introducing me with this brand. I have developed a habit to moisturize my skin after shower. I just feel weird if I don't do it. This lotion is proven to keep away any "scaly-ness". I keeps my skin stay hydrated.

My last boost of beauty in the morning is a couple spritz of my favorite perfume. I've been wearing Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream. I also like Chloe perfume. What's your favorite perfume?

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