Friday, April 17, 2015

Tax Season Break in Pictures | 2015

Hi Everyone! Long time no see!
Tax season is finally over. I'm enjoying a 4-day weekend right now. It feels really good to not working after 10 days of working non stop. Even during busy season, I always try to take a break here and there. It really helps ease my overwhelmed feeling that is inevitable during stressed months. Looking back, I'm pretty impressed at myself to be able to do all these things (read: to go out, at all) during my busiest season of the year!

Saturday (03/7) - Sancho's Taqueria
Had the best fish taco at Sancho's, Palo Alto after a long day at work

Sunday (03/8)
Went to Target and got myself a tall of coffee latte. I substituted with soy milk, 
and then I realized I meant to say non-fat milk. My brain clearly started to lose its mind!

Monday (03/9) - 8:50pm
Just finished a 1-hour intense Zumba class. I managed to squeeze in 
exercising in my week because of this gym buddy of mine =)

Saturday (03/14)
My man's back after two-week away for a family visit. I was all smiley after work on 
a Saturday because of this guy right here. We went to Tumeric, Sunnyvale for dinner.

Saturday (03/21) - ZENsen Sushi, Newark
$1.50 for everything! The sushi was good. Plus unlimited stream of hot water and tea 
at every table. Amazing! We then watched Dracula on blu-ray. Perfect night!

Sunday (03/22)
It's been a while since I last put on some makeup. On my way to farmers' market.

Sunday (03/22) - Farmers' Market, Campbell
Got all my groceries in the bag. We've been substituting 
rice for broccoli and cauliflower.

Sunday (03/22) - Claw Shack, San Jose
Okay, clearly I lied. We still eat rice every now and then, but not as much
as we used to. 

Friday (03/27) - Back-to-College-days-Dinner
It was one of those days when there was nothing in the fridge, and  
the cup noodle was good enough. Hey, at least I got some brocolli!

Saturday (03/29) - Baby G's 1st Birthday
No words to describe how amazing Baby G's mom is! She decorated every single 
thing. It was like pinterest-worthy everywhere!

Sunday (03/30) - Spring Floral
Nothing like floral print to brighten up the mood.

 Saturday (04/04) - Arastradero Trail, Palo Alto
An afternoon stroll/light hike to enjoy God's creation on easter weekend.

Friday (04/10) - Crouching Tiger, Redwood City
The most intense day of tax season this year. A client called to ask 
questions and challenge every answer I gave. 

Saturday (04/11) - Wing Box, San Jose
Don't judge. I was super hungry!

Sunday (04/12) - Sacho's Taqueria, Palo Alto
My last working weekend. My boyfriend drove me to work and picked 
me up after. It was a good day!

Tuesday (04/14) - Love Ran Red Tour, SJSU
Chris Tomlin is in the house! A long with Tenth Avenue North and 
Rend Collective. It was a great night. 

Wednesday (04/15) - Kickin' Crab, San Jose
Aside from tax season was over, it was a rough, emotional day.
A friend lost a parent today. My boss asked if I still had both of my parents. I said yes. 
She said, "Well then love them as long as you can." I told her, "Of course". She walked 
away and then stepped back to say, "Make sure to let them know you do."

Thursday (04/16) - San Francisco
The day after. We went for dim sum at Chinatown then a visit
to The Walt Disney Family Museum, and ice creat at Bi-Rite Creamery. 

Until next year! 

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