Saturday, January 14, 2017

My Top Tips for Staying Organized

I took a break from my work for several months, and next week, I will be back to my reality. Over the course of 5 months,  I don't really have a fixed routine like I do when I go to work. Nevertheless, I am the type of person who always tries to make the most productive out of a day. It's really rare for me to just want to chill and spend a lazy Sunday. Not that there's anything wrong with having a lazy Sunday. But it just never happens for me. I always hustle and bustle trying to get whatever I can done on a day.

Staying at home can be very tempting to just lounge around all day and not get anything done, but for me it is important to have a to-do list everyday even when I don't have anything in particular scheduled.

Make up your bed. I feel like I am in a better mood and more productive when I make up my bed in the morning. It helps clear my mind, and it also feels nice when I go to a tidy bed at night. It sets the mood.

Take a shower. Even when you have nowhere to go, taking a shower helps you feel refreshed and ready for a new day. Doing my skincare routine in the morning, especially when I am in no rush, feels really good. It sets my mood throughout the day.

Set a schedule. When I stay at home, writing a post or shooting a video, doing house chores - cooking, cleaning, laundry at the same time, I need to be aware of the time or otherwise I would not get anything done or worse be distracted. It is important to set a schedule for myself so I know what to do when to do them.

Invest in a planner. Nowadays, you can take your agenda (i.e. your phone) everywhere with you. I always find it satisfying to jot down what I need with pen and paper. I find it fulfilling and I always refer to my planner to see my day/week/month looks like. I tend to forget small things, like doing laundry or buy milk, but when I write them down, it is much more likely for me to actually do them (although i still need to work on writing down "Go to the Gym!" and actually go). I'm currently enjoying the Happy Planner. It was 60% off at Michaels at the beginning of January. I know it takes work just to decorate them, but that's what makes it fun for me throughout the whole process.

Having a designated work area, if possible. Even at home. I find having a desk and chair at home is crucial for me to get things done. I do most of chores and blog-related work at this very spot. It's not perfect, but I love my little work area. I love how I have a window right in front of my desk, so I don't feel too suffocated sitting for hours in a room. The sun is also the best source of lighting for my pictures and videos!

Take a break. Although I'm always hustling and bustling, I do take short breaks here and there. It can sometimes be mentally draining when I do my chores or just the things I need to do throughout the day. My idea of taking a break is going to Target to see what's new or going to a boba place and pick up my favorite drink.

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