Saturday, January 21, 2017

My Netflix Watch List | Series Edition

Netflix has been my go-to when it comes to filling in spare time or just to have something played on the background while I'm cooking/folding laundry/cleaning. It also has come out with legit original series this past few years, and the shows have been my favorites. And continue reading to the end for Ocep's watch list!

Please note that Netflix streaming offerings differ in each country. The ones that I put * are Netflix originals and should be available on any country. 

Stranger Things* / sci-fi
My co-worker told me about this. He swore by it, and told me that I needed to watch the series asap. I was hooked on the first episode. It only has 8 episodes for the first season, so I tried to savor the show by watching it one episode a day. It was a major self-controlling on my part.

One Day at a Time* / sitcom; drama
 I just finished binge-watching the whole season, and it is so different than any other 30-minute sitcom I've ever watched, and that's why I also put it under drama category. It tells a story about a single mother, her two kids, her mom and their Cuban heritage. It is educative and speaks about some deep topics on every episode. The show allows awkward moments which don't go away by audience laughter in the background. It gets as real as possible, and I love it.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt* / sitcom
A very funny, very entertaining show about the life of Kimmy, a bright, cheerful woman after she was freed from being a mole woman. She was kept under ground with some other women for years by some guy who claimed to be some spiritual leader or something. Nevertheless, Kimmy is always hopeful and sees the world like a child sees everything for the first time.

Grace and Frankie* / drama; comedy
It tells a story about two wives whose husbands work together and later finds out that their husbands are both gay and in love with one another. They each are coping in different ways but find comfort in each other's friendship. It's quirky and funny.

Orange is the new Black* // drama
It took a while for me to finally get on the wagon, but I was hooked the whole first season. It's already on its third season, and I assumed the fourth season is coming up soon. It's about an ordinary woman who got into a bad community and did something bad in result of in the past and had to pay her time in woman prison. It's based on true story.

Parenthood // drama
One of my all-time favorite shows by far. It's definitely in my top 5. It's about a couple and their 4 adult kids who also have family of their own. Every family have their own struggle, but they always come back as one big family. I find it relate-able, even though I just started a family way after I finished watching the whole 6 seasons. It's heart warming and endearing.

Supergirl // action
It's about Superman's cousin, Supergirl. She has all the power of Superman but with different ways of challenges. It's just so cool to see.

Law & Order: SVU // drama
It's one of the longest airing show (it's still airing). It's about the stories of New York City detectives in Special Victims Unit who investigate sexually-based offenses. I just love how thrilling and nail-biting an episode can get!

FRIENDS / sitcom
I mean, c'mon..Do I need to say anything else? It's just the best show in the world of television. If you haven't watched every episode, or worse yet haven't watched any episode, you better start now. It changes your life. Okay, I tend to get a little bit over the top when it comes to FRIENDS, but I really loveeeee it!

Greys & Anatomy // drama
Most of you have probably have watched at least an episode of the show. I have to say I am still rewatching the old episodes over and over again, I still cried and got emotional over them.

30 Rock // sitcom
The show has quirky and weird sense of humor which totally works on me. Tina Fey is one of the writers of the show, and I love her work. It's about the backstage of a SNL-type show and how they write/produce/direct/act the show.

Parks & Recreation // sitcom
It is another quirky comedy written by Amy Poehler. I honestly didn't know what I got myself into when I took a chance and watch the pilot. It turned out I got myself hooked into a very weirdly funny show about a government team who works on parks and recreation.

Gilmore Girls // drama
It's about a single mom and her daughter. Both are smart and quick-witted. Both are fast talkers. I find their conversations are smartly engaging, and I always wonder how the writers came up with these dialogues. They are just so smart and weird and entertaining. Netflix has also come out with four 90-minute episodes years later, but as excited as I was, in my opinion, they weren't up to par and not something a new audience who is watching for the first time would understand.

Here's a Ocep-approved list of series that are on Netflix streaming:
The X Files
The Walking Dead
Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown
Hell on Wheels

Happy binge-watching!
Let me know what your favorite series are!

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