Thursday, February 23, 2017

My Happy Planner | Free Printable Planner Stickers

My new obsession starts at the beginning of the year when I was browsing at Michaels and found what's called the Happy Planner for 60% off. It does lift up to its name, it makes me happy just to plan out my days using stickers and colorful accessories. It does take a long time, and you need to like it to be able to enjoy it. Otherwise, it's just an added chore with cute stickers ;P

In my video, I show you how I decorate and use my Happy Planner. I am so grateful with the internet to be able to find a free printable stickers, so I don't have to keep buying new ones when I'm bored. I do need to cut them out and stick them manually, but it's how I de-stress at the end of the day =)

I like to go to random week - or not so random - and decorate in advance. It just makes the planner look more colorful and when I get to that week I can have a little 'surprise' for myself. =P
I've also been enjoying these Paper Mate pens that I got from Target in the pack of 5. I love writing things down with these colorful inks. It makes it more fun compared to the basic black and blue.

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