Friday, February 03, 2017

My Korean Skincare Routine | Innisfree Review

Korean beauty has been popular in the US lately, and I just finally got on board with it. Korean actresses and actors' skin always look healthy and dewy on the advertisement I see. My sister first introduced me to the brand Innisfree. I was visiting her in Singapore several months ago, and she told me that she stopped breaking out ever since she started using skincare products from the brand. I's Korean brand, and it's very popular in Singapore.

We've visited quite a few different store locations when I was there, and none of them were lacking customers. Innisfree has a variety of different skincare lines for different skin needs. I consulted with one of the girls at the store, and I opted from the green tea balancing skin line. I have combination skin, and this line should help balance that.

I have been consistently using all of the products from the line for several months now, and I do feel that I break out much less frequently, and I like how my skin looks without makeup now.

My routine after I wash my face starts with the green tea seed serum. The balancing skin line does not have its own designated serum, so use this instead before all other skin care products. A serum helps hydrate and prep your skin to better absorb the moisture and benefits from all the skincare products you use. I  use this mostly at night because I feel it works best to treat my skin overnight, and when I wake up in the morning, my skin already feels smooth.

I then apply Green tea balancing skin, which is a toner that feels refreshing onto the skin. I use this day and night before my moisturizer. For moisturizer, I use Green tea balancing lotion, which has a light consistency, perfect for daytime or warmer days. The last step is the Green tea balancing cream, which, in my opinion,  is thicker consistency version of the lotion. I don't use this on daytime because I feel it can get quite heavy. I opt to use this at night.

The recommendation steps for this line is to use all the products in the line, balancing skin > balancing lotion > balancing cream. I do that from time to time and I feel that my skin reaps off the maximum benefits, but I don't always use every single thing on every application.

One additional yet crucial product that I use from the brand is Soybean energy essence. I feel that essence is not that common in American brands, and that's what makes this unique and more satisfying to use. The consistency I would say is like a liquid gel. It's slightly thicker than the serum, and it's super concentrated with all these great-sounding ingredients, and it just makes me feel great when I use it. My sister recommend this and claims that essence helps to make the skin more supple and it has anti-aging benefit. She also mentions how this acts similarly with the more expensive and popular SK-II Facial treatment essence.

I have seen quite a change on my skin, and I no longer have to depend on my dermatologist's prescribed skincare to prevent me from breaking outs and my other skin problems.
Let me know what skincare items you are loving at the moment!

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