Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Have a Dream

I just digged through my old files, and wow! It was just treasure of memories. Mostly good ones. It's one of the perks of being a keeper like me. You get to look back and remember things. Sometimes things that you don't wish to remember, but they're just part of your past. You can't delete it unless you get amnesia or something like what happened in the movie, The Vow (Has anybody seen it yet? I love the movie, hate the ending).

Anyway, I now remember again how I love to write. I've always thought that I only think I love to write but in practice I don't really do it as much. But seeing my writings and what people have been saying to me, I knew. I do love writing, and it's a shame I did not pursue it longer. I used to keep my writings to myself, telling people (and myself) that I only write for personal pleasure. But is it? My so-called articles got published 4 times already in a local magazine, but that was not enough for me because it wasn't really quality writing. It was just me summarizing what places to go to.

I do have fear that people won't like what I write/ yet in a way I embrace everything that I have ever written. Most importantly, I embrace who I am and I wish someday I could fulfill my true passion. It is important for me that people recognize my work, but it is more important for me that I pursue that and not just let it hanging on the backdoor of my mind.

So dream big and pursue it! Dreaming along won't do any good to you. Do something. That's what matters!


  1. I love the ending of The Vow! It fits my secondary school teacher's teaching of story telling (link it back always! That's why introduction is impt, isn't it? :p) Most people just dun get it tho..

    Continue writing and prove it to yourself that you're good ^^