Thursday, March 29, 2012

One Day - Fashionably Timeless

I just watched One Day based on my friend's recommendation. She tweeted me to watch the movie after I mentioned that I didn't like the ending of 'The Vow'. I must say I'm the kind of person who's not into 'hanging' ending, if you know what I mean. 

If you're planning to see the movie, well, please do so.

One Day is romantic drama focusing on two you people who have been so-called best friends, but in fact they're dependent on each other all along. The story keeps on being told from year to year on July 15th, the St. Swithin's Day from 1988 to 2011. Distance. Time. Fight. Marriage. All has separated them, but they keep finding their way to each other.

There's one scene where the girl, Emma (played by Anne Hathaway) said to Dexter (Jim Sturgess), "I love you, Dexter. So much. I just don't like you anymore."
It makes me think, is it even possible to love someone without liking the person?

I've always thought that 'like' and 'love' are the stages of your feeling toward someone. It happens in order, or at least that's what I thought. But maybe, just maybe, in romantic crazy world we live in, it is possible to fall in love at first sight or to make long-distance relationship work and to love someone without going through the stages. And maybe, just maybe, it is possible to love someone without liking the person.
What do you guys think?

Anyway, when it comes to beauty talk, I love how Anne transforms herself throughout the movie!


Dexter: "Is it vintage?"
Emma: "No, it's brand new!" 

France - 2003 (My favorite)
France - 2003 (2nd favorite)



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  1. my favorite is the 2000. I guess I'm more into long hair =P