Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Weekend in Photos

Hi everyone!
I travelled south to Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and San Diego.
I must say, the highlight of my trip was seeing the Shamu show at Sea World.
Love these creatures!

Took this from the top of the Santa Barbara Court house.
Santa Barbara

Mission Santa Barbara

Janty Noodle - Hong Kong Plaza, LA

One Ocean - SeaWorld, San Diego

Sea Lions Live - SeaWorld, San Diego

I love dolphins, too!
Blue Horizon - SeaWorld, San Diego

Do you know that baby Beluga is grey color and adult Beluga is white color?
Beluga Whale

Polar Bear

Me with a bunch of cute seals(?)
Waited in line for 1 hour. It was raining cats and dogs. Was it worth it? 
For first-timer like me, heck yeah!
Baby Back Ribs - Phil's BBQ, San Diego
My go-to place to eat in LA
Nasi Warteg - Simpang Asia, LA

Promenade, Santa Monica
Countless cows/buffalos(?) on my way back home

Ending the trip with this fancy version of instant noodle
Special Onion Noodle - Liang's Kitchen, Cupertino

That's it folks! 
How's your spring break? =)

Jibber Jabber:
 ♥ Spring Break for me is time to look for a job (-.-)"
 ♥ I added "swimming with dolphins" to my bucket list
 ♥ I want to feel the touch a shamu's skin
 ♥ In makeup-shopping fast now. Yeah. Keep it strong!

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