Monday, February 18, 2013

MAC Archie's Girls Collection

I have now become aware that MAC occasionally launches limited-edition collection like this for special occasion. I was reeeaaaallly excited when I found out that MAC lauched its Archie collection for Valentine's day. I was so excited that I rushed to the mall after work on the  store launching day on February 8th. I tried to order them online but some of the stuff I wanted was already sold out. How crazy is that?! 

I was a big fan of Archie's comics. I used to buy the them every time I was in a bookstore with my mom. She was actually the one who introduced me with the comic.

Although I am tempted to buy every single thing in the collection, I'm still able to control myself and bought only the things I know I want and can use. Not all colors are wearable for me. I know some people would buy them just for the sake of their collection, but I try to avoid building makeup collection of the things I'm not gonna use. Especially when it's a bit pricy like these. 

If you go to MAC website you can see the whole Archie's Girls collection, but for convenience purpose let me list them out here for you =)

  • Archie's Girls Pearlmatte Face Powder - Flatter Me 
  • Archie's Girls Pearlmatte Face Powder - Veronica's Blush
  • Betty Powder Blush - Cream Soda
  • Veronica Powder Blush - Prom Princess
  • Eyeshadow Quad - Caramel Sundae
  • Eyeshadow Quad - Spoiled Rich
  • Betty Pigment - Cheers My Dear
  • Betty Pigment - Lucky in Love
  • Veronica Pigment - Black Poodle
  • Veronica Pigment - Magic Spells
  • Archie's Girls Pearlglide Intense eyeliner - Lord It Up
  • Archie's Girls Pearlglide Intense eyeliner - Black Swan
  • Archie's Girls Pearlglide Intense eyeliner - Petrol Blue
  • Archie's Girls Pearlglide Intense eyeliner - Designer Purple
  • Betty Opulash Optimum Black mascara
  • Veronica Opulash mascara
  • Betty Lipstick - Girl Next Door
  • Betty Lipstick - Betty Bright
  • Betty Lipstick - Oh, Oh, Oh
  • Betty Lipglass - Stay sweet
  • Betty Lipglass - Summer sweetheart
  • Betty Lipglass - Kiss & Don't tell
  • Veronica Lipstick - Daddy's Little Girl
  • Veronica Lipstick - Ronnie Red
  • Veronica Lipstick - Boyfriend Stealer
  • Veronica Lipglass - Mall Madness
  • Veronica Lipglass - Strawberry Malt
  • Veronica Lipglass - Feelin' So Good
Nail Lacquer

  • Comic Cute
  • Pep, pep, pep
  • Past Curfew
  • Double Trouble
  • Archie's Girls Brush Kit
  • Young hearts mirror
  • Yours forever tote
  • Jingle jangle coin purse
  • Just a flirt makeup bag

And here's what I got

Spoiled Rich Eyeshadow Quad

left to right:
pin up purple,spoiled rich, ron ron ron, gravel

Archie's Girls Pearlmatte Face Powder

Betty Bright lipstick 

Kiss & Don't Tell lipglass

Couldn't get enough, I also ordered a couple more products online. I decided to get the 
Betty Oh, Oh, Oh lipstick and Veronica Mall Madness Lipglass. They'll be 'home' on Wednesday. I'll update the blog once they get here. 

So are you Betty or Veronica?

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