Friday, February 08, 2013

The Ellen DeGeneres Trip - Part 2: The Show

So without having much sleep the night before, I woke up super early considering I slept at 5.30 am. We decided to go to McDonald’s which was just in front of our hotel for lunch to save time. The studio was in Burbank and with LA traffic it took us about an hour to get there.
We followed the direction given in the packet and parked our car in the studio garage. We noticed that at 2.45 many people, despite the told check-in time of 4 pm, had already lined up. I was so excited as the moment got closer. I felt that everything was starting to get more real than it was. Sorry for my exaggeration, but I was just so happy to get this opportunity. Skipping the whole waiting-in-line thing, we had to go across the building to get to Ellen’s studio. They lined us up based on our ticket number. The security had already waited for us with their metal detectors and stuff. I came in to a narrow but pretty long hallway.  Pictures of Ellen with celebrity guests hung across the hall. I was amazed. I felt, once again, it was becoming more real.
We waited for several minutes until the page let us in to the next room which is basically a waiting room with Ellen store in it. They sold a lot of merchandises which I personally thought was kinda overpriced. They had a t-shirt with all One Directions’ members’ names on it, including Ellen. Lol. We waited for another 40 minutes in that room until they started to call us in based on our ticket number.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as I entered the studio. It was the exact place the show took place every single day. It seemed smaller than I imagined. I guess cameras does add 10 pounds =P

When all the audience were seated, a guy identified himself as the “crowd warmer” came out and started greeting everyone.He was the one who made our waiting more bearable. There was dance competition in between the break.

OOTS - Outfit on the Show =P
Excuse my jacket. It was freezing in the studio.
Finally, it was time for the show. As usual, Ellen threw a mint up in the air and caught it with her mouth. Then the gate opened and she entered the studio. As she walked in the studio, the crowd warmer stood up and gave the signal to the audience to applaud which people would have done that otherwise. As Ellen stood there before me, I experienced a major rush in my heart and head. I felt like crying. Yep, I’m not embarrassed. I got teared up a little bit. I managed to hold it back although I felt overwhelmed with joy seeing Ellen live.
It had been on my wish list for several years, and it might be a little thing for people, but it was a little encouragement that dreams can come true. Who knew a kid like me from Indonesia, a country that is 20-hour flight away from the U.S. could actually see Ellen? Yes, I am exaggerating it now, but please allow me to share my feeling.

Our show was aired last Monday. The guests were Kiefer Shuterland promoting his new show, 2 Australian guys who were Ellen fanatic, Sophia Grace & Rosie. Every Thursday they tape two shows. We got the later taping which was for Monday. The earlier taping was for Friday. If only we got into the earlier taping, we would be in for Portia’s Birthday and Superbowl party! But I’m not complaining. I still got to be in the show let alone meet Ellen. The only thing that I missed was Ellen’s interaction with the audience during the break. Instead, she was busy preparing for the next segments. She was always occupied with her makeup person, producer, etc. The crowd warmer kept the audience entertained with the little dance competition in between. It’s basically those little dance clips of the audience you can find easily on Youtube. 

The show went on for about one hour. I thought it was going to be longer considering the bloopers and stuff, but it turned out that they don’t retape a show. The show is taped just as it is with a minor editing here and there. So it is crucial that Ellen doesn’t make any mistake. No wonder she’s so busy on breaks. She did talk to the audience at the very end, saying her thank you and appreciation. Then she headed back inside and that was the end of this Ellen experience.I would be more than happy to get another opportunity like this.

 Thanks for hanging out on my blog. Hope you enjoy my story.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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