Thursday, January 16, 2014

LORAC Unzipped Palette

So being away for so long apparently got me in some really late news in the blogger world. I just learned that Sephora is not longer carrying LORAC. I was browsing online to their website looking whether Lorac Pro Palette is still on sale or not, and I was surprised to find they only had three items on sale. I hearned one of the reason Sephora stops carrying Lorac is because Kohl's has it. Don't you think the prestige goes down a bit by officially sold at Kohl's? Well, maybe not, I don't know. What I do know is that I can now take advantage of coupons to buy this favorite brand of mine. =)

I bought this palette strictly for my mom. She asked me to buy her a Naked 2 palette, just like my sister's but I thought why would buy the same exact palette when you can have another. My logic behind it is that we all still live together - which apparently not true. But really, I'd like to believe that at the end we will be reunited and live under one roof again. Anyway, I looked up online, this palette with its rosy bronze tones really caught my attention. And may I say, this is way before I knew Naked 3 was launching soon. 

They're not as pigmented as Urban Decay Naked palettes, but they do have pretty colors. Although I gotta say, the swatches look different than what I expected from looking at the palette. They have pretty good combination of shimmery and matte shades, which is always a great thing for an eyeshadow palette. I can see myself reaching out to the shade "Undiscovered" for lid color and "Unconditional" for crease color and blend the edges with "Unspoken". And to make the look smokier, I will add "Unbridled". 

I don't need another neutral palettes, really and my mom ended up taking my Naked 3 palette over this one. Thankfully, my boyfriend got me another one when I was still back home. How nice of him! Now that I have Naked 3 palette, I don't know if I will go back and use this palette as much as I thought. I was planning to return it, but since Sephora doesn't carry it anymore I don't know if they'll accept it. This is still available on Ulta and Kohl's but I'm guessing they're not out for long. 

If you're getting this palette thinking it could be a good alternative for the classic Urban Decay Naked palettes, then maybe. If you don't have any expectation whatsoever. But if you love makeup like I do, or if you're getting it for someone who does, this doesn't really compare to the Naked palettes. If you're new to makeup than this palette could be a good start. =)

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