Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream

 I wanted to try a new eye cream and saw this from Origins got a lot of good reviews online. I used two eye creams, my Skinfood royal honey eye cream for the day and RoC eye cream at night. There's no specific purpose why I use, it's just that I want to try different things. 

 I did have a review on the skinfood royal honey eyecream awhile back, but it's running out soon so I decided to take advantage of the Sephora VIB discount back in November. I might have brought it up a few times on previous posts, but let me dig deeper here.

After blended, it gives luminous appearance on the skin

The eye cream feels cooling and refreshing when I apply it onto my skin. What draws me more into it is that it has some sheen in the cream. The color is slightly pinkish and it is luminous. So it can act as a highlight although I don't think it would stay put throughout the day. But when I first put it on it really looks pretty on the skin.

I gotta be honest, it is really hard to determine whether an eyecream really work or not. I haven't used it for lon to tell you if that makes any significant difference for lines or other skin issues around the eye area. But what I really like is that it moisturizes. Eye are is a very sensitive area of the face, and it needs extra attention, and i think for $24, this is a good purchase and it's never too early to take care of that pretty eyes of yours. ;)


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