Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Recent Discovery #3: Revlon Super Lustrous - Love That Pink!

If you follow my blog, you know I've mentioned this several times. I got this just before Memorial Day last May. I'd never tried any lipstick from Revlon's Super Lustrous line before, and now I'm wondering why. The formula has been out there for years, yet I never paid any attention to it. 

My love for bright lipsticks has grown over time. I used to be afraid wearing bold colors on my lips, especially when I was starting in the beauty world. I'm still more self-conscious every time I wear bright lipstick, but I've learned to not care as much. I often ask my boyfriend what he thinks of my makeup when I'm wearing bright colors. He admits he doesn't really like it, but he also tells me to just go for if I do. And I really do, although sometimes I just can't get over some friends who will comment snarkily. Yes, people still do that, and yes, I still care sometimes. 

Anyway, I really love the color and I think it's perfect for hot summer days!

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